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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

University of Rockefeller Funds Mind Control Research

From Walter Bowart, Operation Mind Control:

One young scientist at Rockefeller University, Dr. Adam Reed, is working under a Department of Defense contract to change all that. At a 1976 symposium of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. Adam Reed said, "Ideally, the computer of the future should be an electronic extension of the natural brain functioning in parallel with some of the existing brain structures and using the same program and data languages."

According to Dr. Reed, within two decades it will be possible to encode and transmit brain waves from a small device implanted inside the skull. It will be linked by radio control to a large computer with a huge memory bank which, he said "will have stored in it everything you might want to know about foreign languages, mathematics, music, history—and any other subject you would want to add. You'll enjoy instant recall. The information stored in your own memory cells and in your computer will be readily accessible. You won't be able to forget things . . . You'll also be able to calculate even the most complicated problems with split-second speed."

But Dr. Reed admitted that there were very real dangers to mental freedom posed by the brain technology now being developed. "It is essential that people be able to use them [the computers] for their own purposes rather than for purposes imposed on them by the political structure." While Dr. Reed conceded that it was "conceivable that thoughts could be injected" into a person's mind by the government, he indicated that he did not believe it had already been done. "If the political system changes and massive abuses appear likely," he said, "that would be the time to disappear from the society."

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