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Friday, 14 February 2014

Herbert W Armstrong's British Israelism on Government Report

The American government has attempted to brand British Israelites as racists linking them with the Christian Identity movement and ultra right wing extremists. British Israelism is not racist despite what they tell you. Britain, is a kabbalah Hebrew word with a backward meaning, IN A BRIT. The Hebrew, brit for covenant.

Historic Protestants have attacked Jesuitism through various books. Some of these books have been banned.

Jesuits by Jewish own admission have fermented anti Semitism yet this hardly gets a mention unlike Protestantism (see article: Is a Jesuit Good for the Jews?)

Adolf Hitler, the butcher of 6 million Jews was a known Roman Catholic yet this hardly makes the textbooks of modern Holocaust research in the classroom. The Catholics later committed atrocities against the Serbian people in World War 2. Catholic nuns and the Order of Franciscans were butchering Serbians including babies, throwing their heads against the walls, and alive into the furnace. Jewish Researcher Jared Israel, exposes the atrocities the Serbian people suffered during WW2 and the West's complicity in the conflict of 1991 in The Emperor's New Clothes.

Yet some insist Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild. Whilst it is true Adolf Hitler had family in England (half-brother Alois in Liverpool, according to The Daily Mail: see article: All Reich, calm down! Hitler 'spent months living in Liverpool flat' that was later destroyed by the Luftwaffe) , Hitler was raised abroad, and a dedicated Roman Catholic.

The American government wants to look into real history not the Jesuit history we are given. You will find it is not Protestantism which is at fault. The Bible says Rome will rule the world as a ruling "harlot" through a system called BABYLON until Jesus Christ returns (Rev 17).

From the Homeland Security Affairs Journal, July 2006:

According to Aho, the connection between Christian Identity and blatant racism could be partly attributed to fundamentalist Protestants from the Midwest Bible Belt and southern states who were fervent vocal proponents of the movement that would eventually become Christian Identity. These individuals included James Lovell, a Texas Baptist; Wesley Swift, an Alabama Methodist; Joe Jeffers, an Alabama Baptist; and Herbert Armstrong, an Iowa Adventist. 14 While Cameron is given credit for being a primary influence in the early development of Christian Identity, Californians Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet, and William Porter Gale were also key figures in the early development of Christian Identity in the United States.
They want to link in Armstrong's form of British Israelism along with right wing Anti Jew haters. This way they can successfully argue for surveillance of these groups, by placing them onto watchlists.

The article later asserts the book The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler is used by the Christian Identity and British Israelism to justify racism. The book is available from the British Israel World Federation, which is not considered a racist organisation.

British Israelism is a broad church and some may believe the Ashkenazi are not true Semitic Jews and others may consider it irrelevant or some may not believe it at all. This is not a racist teaching since scripture is used to support the claim. We would therefore have to label the sacred scripture a racist book and the American government would have to ban its publication. Scriptures criticise the Jewish people and the tribes of Israel, including the Quran. Criticism is not a valid excuse for placing people on watch lists. The God of Israel is the biggest critic of all and He would certainly fall foul of our religious leaders today if He was walking on the earth.

Jews have also suffered terrible persecution including converts from the Jesuit Roman system. Writes Wade Cox, "we should document also the persecution of the Jewish people who are part of Israel and also those peoples that are not Jews by lineage but were converted to Judaism such as the Ashkenazi people of the Khazars in 740 CE. These people also have suffered massive persecution." (Source: The Holocaust Revealed).

Ironically one of the biggest supporters of British Israelism is an Orthodox Jew, called, Yair Davidiy, his website is

Protestantism has given the world a respite from the reign of the Popes who persecuted the "saints of the Most High" throughout the centuries. Today we see the tide turning against the Protestants. They are persecuted by those in power by their own governments.

A returning Jesus Christ is mankind's only answer. But before we experience the light we will have to endure some very dark days of tyranny. Some of us already experience its ugly hand.

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