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Friday, 7 February 2014

Jewish Google Attacks Russia; Gays make good Mind Research Subjects,

Google, which was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. From The Jewish Dot Com Entrepreneurs: "The creators of Google, Facebook, PayPal and many other internet businesses are Jewish."

Jews who have knowledge of occult sciences through the use of "kabbalah" have enabled them to be successful more than many other people. Equally the Jesuits who also share this occult knowledge are behind the major corporations, being the CEOs on billion dollar companies. Their talisman's must have some success.

Google has attacked Russia for its anti Gay policies yet according to Robert Duncan, who worked on the CIA mind research programmes reveals homosexuals are specifically targeted for programmes. In sexual experimentation they send microwaves that can alter sexuality, this is probably why they make the "target list". Finding ways to cure homosexuality they obviously need to experiment on subjects. Cancer can also be cured with radio waves, amongst a host of other diseases. Most of the benefits are suppressed. Homosexuals may also be placed on target lists because they can be so easily blackmailed into silence unlike their heterosexual counterparts.

In a fake millennial reign which is coming headed by the Antichrist, he has to at least be able to cure homosexuality to prove he has some authenticity amongst the billions of religionists who will swear blind he is the Messiah. Ironically the Antichrist will be a homosexual himself, so at least says the book of Daniel. A homosexual will plunge this world into chaos and disorder yet even Adolf Hitler, the last Antichrist, was a homosexual. His marriage was just for show. See the Pink Swastika. Whichever way you look at it the world must be run by a homosexual cliché, a belief amongst most conspiracy theorists. The two final Prophets, called the Two Witnesses will be in the City of Sodom and Egypt and will themselves be thought of as the Antichrist and the False Prophet (Rev 11:8).

Russia which does not want to promote homosexuality has been targeted by the gay rights movement. But the West has been experimenting on homosexuals for decades through mind research programmes. In the old days electricity was put through their brains. The Rand Corporation was sponsoring the use of electricity being applied for mind research on individuals. The Rockefeller University doing their own research into mind research. Georgetown University sponsoring technology beaming voices into people's head to ensure people could be locked up for mental illness.

See article: That'll teach Russia! Google gets political with rainbow-coloured Sochi doodle attacking host nation's anti-gay laws

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