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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Prophet Muhammed had Chochmah

The Prophet Muhammed was given "chochmah", the Hebrew for wisdom in the kabbalah.

Chokmah is one of the ten sifirot on the Kabbalah tree. The Arabic counterpart for this word is "Al-Hikmah".

From Wikipedia on Chokhmah:

Chokhmah ("Wisdom"; חכמה) (or chochmah or hokhmah) is the uppermost of the sephirot of the right line (kav yamin, the "Pillar of Mercy") in the kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is to the bottom right of Keter, with Binah across from it. Under it are the sephirot of Chesed and Netzach. It commonly has four paths going to Keter, Binah, Tifereth, and Chesed. (Some kabbalists[who?] attribute a path between Chockma and Gevurah.)

In Jewish mysticism, it denotes the first intermediate step between Keter and the rest of the sephirot, forwarding and channeling Ein Sof through the rest of the sephirot.

Chokhmah is associated with the color grey

Surah 2:129, "Our Lord! Send amongst them a Messenger of their own (and indeed God answered their invocation by sending Muhammed who shall recite unto them Your Verses and instruct them in the Book (this Quran) and Al-Hikmah and purify them. Verily! You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise."

Surah 2:151, "Similarly (to complete Blessings on you), We have sent among you a Messenger of your own, reciting to you Our Verses (the Quran) and purifying you, and teaching you the Book (the Quran) and the Hikmah and teaching you that which you used not to know."

From Wikipedia on Hikmah:

Hikmah is an Arabic word meaning wisdom. Hikmah is important to Islamic philosophy.

“Hikmah is of two types: that which is related to knowledge, and that which is related to action. So, that which is related to knowledge is to realize the essence of things, and to understand the connection between cause and effect – in regards to the Creation, occurrence of events, fate, and legislation. As for the action-based hikmah, it is to put things in their proper places.

And it is of three levels:

1) that you give everything its right and do not exceed the limits in this, and that you do not rush it before or delay it past its proper time;

2) that you realize Allah’s intent in His Promise, realize His Justice in His Decision, as well as His grace in preventing you from something. And from that which defines this level is that which has been said by the people of firmness and Sunnah: ‘Hikmah consists of the lofty and praiseworthy goals that are necessitated by his Creating and Commanding, for which He Commanded, and for which He Predestined;

3) that you reach the highest levels of knowledge when making deductions and coming to conclusions, and it is the insight, the knowledge of which is to the heart like something which is being looked at to the eyes that are looking at it (i.e., in confirming that the organ is functioning properly). And this is the exclusive level that has been reserved for the Companions over the rest of the Ummah, and it is the highest level that the scholars can reach.”


The "wisdom" of chochmah also implies the ability to look deeply at some aspect of reality and abstract its conceptual essence till one succeeds in uncovering its underlying axiomatic truth. These seeds of truth can then be conveyed to the companion power of binah for the sake of intellectual analysis and development.

Chochmah is the primary ("beginning") force in the creative process, as it is said: "You have made them all with chochmah." The first word of the Torah, Breishit, "In the beginning (God created the heavens and the earth)," is translated as "With chochmah (God created...)."

Chochmah = 73 (the 22nd prime number). In ordinal numbering, chochmah = 37 (the middle point of 73; the 13th prime number). In small numbering, chochmah = 19 (the "middle point" of 37; the 9th prime number; 9 plus 13 = 22). The final "small number" of chochmah is 1.

The full numerical value of the first verse of Creation: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" = 2701. 2701 = the sum of all numbers from 1 to 73 (i.e. the "triangle" of 73) = 37 times 73. The final phrase of the verse, "and the earth" = 703 = the sum of all numbers from 1 to 37 = 19 times 37.

The word chochmah is read in the Zohar (Numbers 220b) as koach mah, "the power of selflessness," or, alternatively, as cheich mah, "the palate of selflessness."

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