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Monday, 10 February 2014

Reasons not to be a Zionist

The Jewish Defence League UK defends the odious philosophy of Zionism. Why would a Christian like myself call Zionism an odious philosophy?

The plain truth of the matter is this. Zionism is a front for the Roman Catholic church who have a network of occult societies attached to her. These groups through magical practice maintain Rome's firm hand over the world as the ruling "harlot" over the nations (Rev 17). Jews who are Zionists work for this "harlot" which we call BABYLON (Rev 17). Catholics envisage a new world order where the Papacy is ruling from Jerusalem over the entire globe.

Zionism doesn't take us anywhere. So we end up supporting the Jews and a piece of land called Israel. But the Jews are not Israel, they are the tribe of Judah.

They do not preach the truth on British Israelism.

They do not accept Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who will return to establish His Kingdom on the earth.

They do not preach the truth about the Prophet Muhammed (which the Jewish scholar, Torrey in The Jewish Foundation of Islam) has painstakingly researched. The Gnostic Bible, seems to know more than the Zionists -- see the Gnostic Bible's section on the Prophet Muhammed.

Zionism is supporting the Jews even if they are wrong. Shimon Peres, their leader, is funding one million dollars for research in mind-brain computer interface technology. This is leading to the "mark of the beast".

The book of Revelation, is not compatible with political Zionism. The book of Revelation tells us an Antichrist will rule and impose a mark on mankind and lead the world into utter destruction. 2 Thess 2:4 tells us the Antichrist will be in Jerusalem sitting in a Temple.

Zionism does not speak out against the Catholic church and her secret societies but often colludes with them.

Israel is for all Israel, not just for Judah.

Zionism does not promote the Bible, spread the printing of the Bible, sending it free to all nations. They do not disseminate the gospel which Herbert W Armstrong proclaimed for over 50 years, through the Plain Truth magazine.

The news networks some might be owned by Zionists cover up conspiracy. They ignore the plight of people who have been placed on "targeted individual" lists who get put into silent assassination programmes. The Rand Corporation and University of Rockefeller experimented with hypnosis so innocent people could confess to crimes they hadn't done. This was seen as some great achievement. The mind control programmes covered up by Zionists and Roman Catholic Knights, can beam voices to people through radio waves and laser beam technology can be employed. They can talk people to their deaths, create accidents, cause heart attacks --all of it done in the name of Zion and the conspiracy to rule the world.

Zionism, will only be implemented by a returning Jesus Christ. This is the only form Christians can accept.

I am not anti semitic and like Judaism, particularly the Kabbalah, and believe in the God of Israel, the Bible, the Torah for mankind. But Zionism, is something I have found incompatible with my faith.

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