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Saturday, 1 March 2014

ATOS, United Biscuits and the Rothschilds

Atos, the organisation behind assessing people's right to claim disability benefit has some strong Rothschild influences with the family owning the greatest shares. The company has been the subject of a BBC Panorama programme with many disability groups campaigning against it. It is alleged the disabled who are not fit to work have their benefits removed and told they can work even with their severe disabilities.

An example, in the Daily Mail an article entitled: Vulnerable Asperger's sufferer with phobia of food found dead weighing just 5st months after he was judged fit to work and had benefits cut, a man was judged suitable for work whilst he had severe mental disabilities shortly before his death.

Atos, is also supported by the Efficiency and Reform Group ensuring one of its operations is backed by HM Treasury.

From the ATOS website:

About NS&I

NS&I is one of the largest savings organisations in the UK, offering a range of savings and investments to over 25 million customers. All products offer 100% capital security because NS&I is backed by HM Treasury.

This procurement was supported by the Commercial Models Team, part of the Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Group. Led by Executive Director, Ed Welsh, former co-head of Global Business Services for Rothschild, the team is equipped with business expertise to help Government departments get better deals for taxpayers. For further information please see:

The Rothschilds own the largest amount of shares in the company.

Rothschilds are stock holders of ATOS through Fidelity Investments. Shares of Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management 1,478,462 shares 1.69 the biggest after Fidelity Management & Research Company with 2.97% (Source:

Thierry Bretton

The key person at ATOS is Thierry Bretton who is the current CEO. From the Wikipedia in French and English Translation:

Septembre 2007 à 2008 : conseiller (senior adviser) de la banque Rothschild & Cie

September 2007 2008: Advisor (senior adviser) of the Rothschild & Cie Using Google Translate.

Other people on the board that have also worked for the Rothschilds include:

Nicolas Bazire

Member of the board of directors of Atos since February 2009. Nicolas Bazire is also a member of the supervisory board of Rothschild & Cie Bank, and managing director of Arnault Group. He is a member of the board of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group, Suez Environnement and Carrefour.


Chairman of the Supervisory Board : Domaines Barons de Rothschild (DBR)

Deputy director : United Biscuits Topco Ltd (United Kingdom)

United Biscuits:

United Biscuits Topco Limited (UB or 'the group') is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of biscuits and snack foods. It is equally owned by Blackstone Group and PAI Partners (PAI). The group primarily operates in Europe. It is headquartered in Middlesex, the UK and employed 7,954 people as of December 31, 2012. The company recorded revenues of £1,050.5 million (approximately $1,664.7 million) in the financial year ended December 2012 (FY2012), a decrease of 0.5% over FY2011. The operating profit of the company was £120.9 million (approximately $191.6 million) in FY2012, an increase of 1.2% over FY2011. The net profit was £20.5 million (approximately $32.5 million) in FY2012, a decrease of 74.6% over FY2011.(Source: DataMonitor)

How many didn't know a director on United Biscuits can be linked to the Rothschild family? Perhaps the next time you think of sending that email criticising their range of biscuits you may well think twice!


Atos, a Real Piece of Work grabbing Our Medical Records

The mire gets worse. Atos, has been awarded contracts to extract personal medical information on behalf of the NHS. From The Telegraph: " Atos has been given the contract to extract patient records from GP surgeries as part of the controversial NHS data sharing scheme ... Under the NHS scheme, data from GP records will be linked with information from hospitals to give an idea of what happens to patients at all stages. ...The data extracted from medical records includes information on family history, vaccinations, referrals for treatment, diagnoses and information about prescriptions. It will also include biological values such as a patient’s blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol levels. Personal confidential data identifiers will also be taken, such as date of birth, postcode, NHS number and gender. The Commons health committee heard that the firm has been given responsibility for removing personal data from medical records, as part of the national programme, which has been delayed for six months amid an increasing backlash."

See also:

Victims of Atos


If you are Jewish, launch an appeal to the decision. Jewish law permits amulets and talismans. Consult a Jewish Kabbalah Rabbi and request a reversal of the decision in the amulet. Decisions are also made in the Court of Heaven, called The Sanhedrin (3 Enoch, Rabbi Ishmael). Ask YHVH to overturn this decision. Amulets use God's sacred name and ask angels to intervene on behalf of people.

If you do not feel comfortable about amulets, prayer is just as effective. Fast and pray to God, ask Him to intervene on your behalf. Ask this decision be looked at in the Court of Heaven. Ask that this decision be overturned in your favour. God will help His people.

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