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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Catholic Admits Masons run the Vatican

A self proclaimed sister in the Catholic church turned prophet, admits the Freemasons run the Catholic church. Whereas self styled new age guru, Madame Blavatsky, wrote that the Jesuits wrote the degrees in the book, Isis Unveiled.

Writes the Catholic prophet:

The Masonic elite have grasped control over My Church and they will wield the most wicked deceit upon Catholics. The Keys of Rome are now within My Hands having been passed over to Me by My Father. I will direct all of My followers so that the Truth can be sustained and that My Holy Word remains intact.

The false prophet will now take over the Seat in Rome and My Word, just as it was in My Time on earth, will be treated as heresy.

No matter who is running the show. If they own billions in their bank account. Rest assured they are working for Lucifer. Our Bibles and the Book of Enoch paint the righteous as the downcast of the earth. Not the lofty, high winded, men and women, with sacred degrees behind their names, knowing selective passwords to get into the crypts. No matter how entertaining a magical circle may be, you just don't know who is going to show up. You might just end up making that diabolical pact with Lucifer.

My advice to the Catholic prophet. Open your eyes.

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