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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hebrew University, Centre of Excellence for Brain Neuro Science Research

The Hebrew University won an award for being one of the top five research centres in the world researching the human mind. This is part of the Edmond and Lily Safra Centre for Brain Science. These Jews working on these projects are doing it for Labour Zionism. Barry Chamish, an Orthodox Jewish researcher who fled Israel with his life maintains Zionism comes from Jacob Frank and Sabbateanism. Whatever the truth there is no excuse for mind hacking technology, Jew or Gentile.

They are involved in a Blue Brain Project which uses a supercomputer to realistically model extremely complex brain networks.

See their brochure:

There are people of all races in different countries involved in neuroscience that it would be unfair just to think it is the Israelis. The Russians got their first taking the research to the CIA in America.

The Rothschild Foundation sponsors the University of Geneva, neuroscience department. From Neurosciences: "Research in the department of basic neuroscience is interested in understanding, through animal models, molecular and synaptic mechanisms involved in the formation and plasticity of cortical networks and their involvement in cognitive functions (memory, addiction), in diseases neuropsychiatric and repair mechanisms of the central nervous system. Another research center uses functional neuroimaging techniques associated with behavioral approaches in healthy subjects and patients to understand the neural bases of cognition, emotion and consciousness. The department offers basic neuroscience in these research areas many training opportunities to master, doctoral and postdoctoral level."

The technology in neuroscience is advanced. The Jesuits at Georgetown University worked on the Neurophone to transmit voices to the heads. Laser beams, radio waves also used to remotely influence people from satellites and cell towers. The technology is misused to destroy people's lives.

People are placed on "targeted lists" for research into neuroscience or to assassinate them through technology by talking them to their deaths (Project SATAN). They also use such technology to erase memories replacing them with new ones (Project Edom). Life Log programme designed to map the human brain was carried out by the NSA.

The Bible says a beast will force people to accept a "mark" in their right hands or "foreheads".(Rev 13:16). This is neuroscience technology, possibly, a microchip that interacts with radio waves sent from cell towers. This technology can hack into the mind and place people into hypnotic induced states. As we can see people are busy working to completely control the human mind--mankind's last frontier being destroyed. Centuries of wars were fought to uphold the concept of freedom but today we pay lip service believing mind control is the ultimate weapon of control.

And you wander why Islam is fighting the West?

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