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Friday, 14 March 2014

Lord Ballyedmond, Dies in Norfolk Helicopter Crash

Lord Ballyedmond, the richest man in Ireland, owner of Norbrook Laboratories, a drugs company, has died in a helicopter accident in Norfolk on 13 March 2014.

See article:

He was seeking a return of his £10.7 million back from a company, AgustaWestland because of continual problems with the helicopter he bought from them. The company behind the helicopter is owned by the Romans. Remind me not to fly in one.

There appears to be technical problems with helicopters in the UK considering the number of crashes that has made the news in recent years. This is probably being swept under the carpet.

AgustaWestland, is an owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica, which "has held for years some historic Italian enterprises" which has its headquarters in Rome, Italy. A key person in the company is Giovanni De Gennaro, Italy's former police chief and Undersecretary to the Italian Prime Minister.

This company mentioned Astrium on its website. This is the company behind the Satellites for the Ministry of Defence called Skynet. Interestingly they also have machine to machine satellites which can also be accessed by government agencies. "Machine to Machine (M2M) Services within Astrium Services are defined as data communications between a sensor or device through to an end user application. Some of these end to end services are listed below and include tracking and location services through to logistics data management and airborne data services." (source:

Targeted Individuals being harassed by laser beams connected to satellites are likely to be coming from Astrium. Spy satellites being used by Skynet. The machine to machine may be able to interface with the computer brain interface. The real capabilities of these satellites and their real purposes will not be disclosed on a public platform. But, it is interesting to know the likely source.

Let's hope an investigation into Lord Ballyedmond's fatal helicopter crash is able to find the cause of the accident.

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