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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Qinetiq Group, of interest to Targeted Individuals

People who call themselves "targeted individuals" are those who insist that technology is used to target them from various government agencies. This often includes using microwaves (or called radio or scalar waves) to send voices to the head of targeted people called "synthetic telepathy" that can be heard in the mind or outside the skull. These radio waves can also cause many irritating symptoms on the skin and on the head, causing discomfort, memory loss, microwave heating or burning, heart problems, irritable bowel movements, problems with vision, cancers, and often slow deaths.

The UK government had an organisation called Defence Evaluation Research Agency. This was sold off to shareholders in private hands and is called the QinetiQ Group. The costs to advisors of the sale of DERA include about £7.7m paid to numerous advisers including NM Rothschild, KPMG, Herbert Smith and Andersen. (Source:

The majority shareholder in QinetiQ is the Carlyle Group. QinetiQ working with Darpa and the NASA. DARPA have been behind the targeting individual programme in the USA.

As the old saying goes one can find a Jew behind every bushell. A British Satellite company called, Inmarsat has given away shares to Apax Partners (formed by two Jews -- Alan Patricof and Sir Ronald Cohen). Likewise The Carlyle Group has a Jewish CEO, David M. Rubenstein. Always strong Zionist interests in British companies. The Rothschilds also gained financially from QinetiQ. There are people who work at the Carlyle Group who have previously worked for the Rothschild and Sons. But, I am unable to find out who really owns the Carlyle Group whilst conspiracy theorists claim a direct link.


QinetiQ is one of the world's leading defence technology and security companies. So we offer fascinating careers for Science, Engineering, IT and Maths graduates.

From the ocean bed to outer space, they predict, prepare for and create the future. They’re in cars, planes, boats and trains. They’re there when you use your mobile. They’re in the tag on your new pair of jeans. They work with NASA, Rolls-Royce, BAA, Boeing, Intel, London Underground, DARPA, the Army, the Royal Navy and the RAF. And they’ve been supplying the ideas behind everyday existence for a very long time. Their rich heritage of invention includes RADAR, thermal imaging, LCD, flat panel speakers, carbon fibre and the jet engine.

Their global revenue was £1,617million in the year to 31 March 2009.

Their US business grew organically by 15% last year generating revenues of more than $1bn.

QinetiQ is the Ministry of Defence’s fourth largest supplier, working on over 1,000 defence contracts at a time.

The X-net vehicle arrest system, which can bring a speeding car to a safe stop, is already in use by law enforcement and border control agencies across the globe. The new TruX-Net can even arrest lorries weighing in excess of 10,000kg.

QinetiQ employ over 14,000 people worldwide.

They are the world's leading supplier of military robotics. More than 2,500 TALON® robots have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan to locate and remotely disable improvised explosive devices and roadside bombs.

They have the only robot hospitals in the world in Iraq and Afghanistan. On average, a TALON® can be blown-up and repaired more than ten times before they need to be replaced.

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