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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jürgen Möllemann

Few people have heard of Jürgen Möllemann who was a politician in the German government who supported Arab causes and outspoken against Jewish interests.

He later died from parachute accident, though some suspect foul play.

From the article, The Bizarre Death of Jürgen Möllemann

Jürgen Möllemann, 57, a controversial and flamboyant German politician with the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) since 1972, fell to his death on June 5 while parachuting near the town of Marl in North Rhine Westphalia. Condemned as an anti-Semite in the German media for his outspoken criticism of Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine, the mainstream press chose to portray Möllemann’s death as the suicide of a “disgraced” politician whose career was in ruins. While the media barely mentioned the possibility of murder there is substantial suspicion - and some evidence - of foul play.

Möllemann resigned from the FDP in March of this year because of his disagreements with the chairman of the party, Guido Westerwelle, which centered on Möllemann’s pre-election criticism of Israeli leader Ariel Sharon and Michel Friedman, the Vice-President of the Council of German Jews.

In his recently released best-selling book, Klartext, (“Speaking Frankly”), Möllemann accused Westerwelle of being blackmailed by the Israeli secret service, Mossad.

Möllemann provoked outrage in the German press during last year’s election campaign when he accused Friedman, who hosts a television talk show, of fomenting anti-Semitism through his “intolerant, spiteful style.” Möllemann was labeled as an anti-Semite when he published a pamphlet shortly before the election last September criticizing Friedman and Sharon.

“No one…creates more anti-Semites than Mr. Sharon, and Mr. Friedman with his intolerant and cynical manner,” Möllemann said. Möllemann’s statements blaming Jews for the existence of anti-Semitism crossed a red line in German politics.

Politicians who criticise the Jews do not last long in public office. Zionism is a political system over Western nations. The Bible calls it Babylon. Zionism is modern Babylon.

The Jews and Roman Catholic church have built up the modern Babylon through commerce and both exert an unusual political clout over nations. Most Roman Catholics are ignorant of the relationship the modern Jews have with the Jesuits. The Jesuits are the modern heirs of Zionism within the Roman Catholic church which will rule along side a newly rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem bringing the Eucharist to the world. This unusual relationship may change once the Temple in Jerusalem in built.

The Bible has been altered by the clerics and Rabbis. Truth has not been told to the people. The Prophet Muhammed was a Jewish man commissioned to bring the Quran to the Jews and people of Arabia. The Jews ruled the Middle East in those days. He was given a message from Angel Gabriel. A message somewhat familiar to the enlightened Jews of the day who knew about mystical matters. They knew Muhammed was a prophet since he told them things even they believed, they both knew about seven heavens, seven gates of hell, the soul, existence of seven earths, angels, demons etc. They accused him of repeating old tales of the ancients. Muhammed was an embarrassment to the Jews, known for rejecting every Prophet, began the process to take away the religion from its Judeo Christian origins. Muhammed brought information to the people that some wanted buried. The Kabba, strangely written out of the Bible, was built by Abraham and Ishmael, was a physical representation of the Throne of God where the Chariot is housed in the Seven Heaven. But the people had to be deceived so that the centre of worship was taken to Jerusalem and not Mecca where the Divine Chariot rests. The existence of two places of worship didn't go down well with the Jews.

The anti Trinitarian message of the Quran didn't go down well with the Roman Catholics either. Nor Muhammed's rejection of the crucifixion. Muhammed accepted early Jewish Christian Gnosticism which believed another person was crucified in the place of Jesus but Jesus' appearance went over that man. Sunni Hadith have the enemy of Jesus (ie. Judas) has the one hanging in place of Christ. Since the soul was eternal the necessity for a bloody sacrifice as an atonement for sin, was rejected by Muhammed. God forgives sin without any sacrifice. This didn't go down well either in Roman Catholic circles peddling the Eucharist (a token of babylonnian mysteries according to A. Crowley) on the masses. Occult societies accept the Eucharist whereas Christian Jewish Gnostics reject the Eucharist.

Muhammed and his message from Angel Gabriel became an enemy of the State, both to Jewish influence in the Middle East, and the pagans peddling Catholicism. These two enemies formed alliances against Muhammed and the followers of the Quran. Occult societies decided to work for the party of the Eucharist rejecting Muhammed new revelations.

Today we find ourselves in the middle of this battle. Islam is being set up as the final Antichrist even though the founder brought a Jewish Christian message to the people. Kabbalists would understand Muhammed and his message and so would early gnostics. The deception in our world is even greater than most believe. Zionism is the modern champion of Orthodoxy which was created by Constantine, some 300 years after the ministry of Jesus Christ. If indeed the crucifixion did not happen as attested to by the Holy Quran, it would be the greatest hoax ever imagined put on society by the Roman Catholic church with a litany of false scriptures to back it up. Those who disagreed were quickly branded as heretics and persecuted by early church fathers.

Whatever happened to Jurgen, we will never know. Accidents can happen but they can also be made to happen.

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