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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Vatican blames Jew for writing Gospel of Barnabas

Martin Luther is a Jew according to some Roman Catholics. But it doesn't stop there folks.

The Vatican (the source of all untruth) has blamed a Jew in the middle ages for penning the "Gospel of Barnabas" as an elaborate hoax for reasons unknown to the church.

A copy of an Aramaic copy of the Gospel of Barnabas was found in Turkey in 2012 is believed to say that Jesus was not god and was not crucified. Judas is thought to be "transformed" (ie. shape shift), into the appearance of Jesus Christ whilst he was taken up into the heavens by ascension.

This means the Catholic church is based on the biggest fraud ever created during the last 2,000 years, with Islam being more closer to the truth.

The Gospel of Barnabas resembles gnostic Christianity which did not teach the crucifixion.

Much of the Christian story comes from Roman paganism with the Eucharist pre-existing before Christianity by the Roman mystery cults. Today magical societies observe the Catholic Eucharist in elaborate rituals during the Spring Equinox.

The Eucharist is the last vestige of Sun worship since the wafer is the Sun god of Osiris. The dying god of Osiris is honoured in the Eucharist not Jesus Christ, whom was never crucified for our sins. The power of the SUN god is absorbed when taking the ritual according to "occult" philosophy.

An interesting article showing the pagan origins of the Eucharist is: Esoteric Perspectives on the Eucharist

The New Testament has been corrupted along with the Old Testament. God sent the Prophet Muhammed to reveal to us the extent of the corruption. The Holy Quran, is the Final Testament which would exist before the return of Jesus Christ. Muhammed, who spoke in favour the Sabbath and the Torah gave mankind the Quran through angel Gabriel.

Muhammed ascended into the 7th Heaven and spoke to angel Gabriel. He was not a fool as many Christians want to paint him.

The Vatican rejects the Sabbath but Muhammed upheld it in the Quran. The Vatican abrogates the food laws, but Muhammed upheld them (modifying camel meat). Muhammed taught the existence of 7 Heavens taught by Jewry, yet the Vatican does not teach 7 heavens.

Muhammed, upheld more Torah than the existing Vatican.

Muhammed taught judgement by works not blood atonement.

Muhammed upholds the Jewish version of forgiveness of sins as opposed to the Christian cross.

The Vatican does not even represent original Catholic doctrine going back to the 300 AD. The church kept changing its doctrines into what it has now become. Lent has also been changed and today Catholics are not keeping it at the right time (originally soon after 5-6th January).

Blaming a rogue Jew for penning the Gospel of Barnabas is typical of Rome. Do some research into the backgrounds of people in power and those who own corporations around the world. We soon find Jesuits at the helm, either in the board room or starting these companies. Procter and Gamble, notorious for animal experiments have Catholics on its board with about two going to Jesuit Universities. Does that not say it all?

The Catholic church is obsessed that the Jews are undermining it. It's own pagan doctrine does a good job, forget the Jews.

The religion of Muhammed lives on, and his Quran, is given for humanity which the fires of Rome could never quench. The same cannot be said for the Gospel of Barnabas, whose literary works were heavily persecuted but two versions remains.

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