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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Another Mind Control Victim, Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger, is the son of Peter Rodger, a British American film director, whom was director assistant to the government mind control film, the Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games shows a one world government tyranny over the masses using rfid chips, electronic surveillance and brute police force to subject the masses to a life of slavery. To learn more about this sinister film see the article, The Hunger Games a Glimpse of the Future?

Most of the technology is used today against "targeted individuals". Some of it worked on by Jesuit Georgetown University, the neurophone, a device to beam voices to the head through radio waves to send mental illness to people. Created by Patrick Flannigan, a nice Irish American surname. The targeted individual programmes use remote control technology through use of laser beams and radio waves. They can easily turn a normal person into a trained murderer. They do this by bypassing the free-will with this technology. To learn more, look up Robert Duncan on youtube, and read his book, Project Soul Catcher.

Elliot Rodger, 22, wrote a manifesto (sound familiar?) before going on a shooting spree killing women whom he believed hated him since he could not get a girlfriend. Anders Behring Breivik's in the Norway bombings wrote a manifesto too. Elliot Rodger picked on a Masonic fraternity called, Alpha Phi sorority.

According to the Daily Mail, "On July 21, 2013, deputies reached out to the college student while he was being treated in a hospital for injuries he had allegedly sustained in an assault. On January 15, 2014, Rodger called police accusing one of his roommates of stealing $22 (£13) worth of candles from him. The disturbed young man made a citizen's arrest, which resulted in his roommate being jailed and cited for petty theft."

Maybe Elliot Rodger was placed in one of these mind control programmes because he caused problems inside this Masonic fraternity of which the elite go. People end up on these mind control programmes for virtually no reason at all. What did I do? They control my behaviour through the use of a purple blue laser beam which can be seen through a camera lens. The amount of things they can do would be unbelievable to most people. For instance today they talked me into going to eat at a restaurant instead of buying a sandwich from a shop (costing much more money). Innocent you may think, but the technology influences if not controls people's behaviour at times. They put in subliminal messages to the brain which are picked up. Voices beamed down through synthetic telepathy told me to go to the restaurant. And I went, the thought became compelling and couldn't resist it. This is an example of what happens.

Elliot Rodger has the hallmarks of being a targeted individual or under mind control. He wrote a "manifesto" which is similar to what the Norway bomber did. He had candles removed from his room. This has happened to other targeted individuals. Things go missing, and break ins occur. The authorities (majority under Masonic or Jesuit influence) quickly dismiss individuals as paranoid or delusional. He became obsessive about an issue. Typical for targeted individuals. The mind control programmes pick on single issues affecting the individual often exploiting it. The handlers of mind control interfere so relationships are broken down and ensure people are never able to socialise with other people. This is done by putting thoughts into the minds of other people. The technology can interfere with people with whom the "targeted individual" comes into contact.

Violence plays an important part in these mind control programmes. In the USA, the Temple of Set, were responsible for setting up and working on these mind control programmes. They had security clearance to the CIA. These people summon up demons in magical circles using Egyptian and King Solomon magic to communicate with Kings, Dukes, and Princes in the halls of hell. They often will get information about technology amongst other things.

The mind control programme for myself became a portrayal of violence last year, with voices telling me to burn down buildings, harm individuals, and to commit murderous activities. All of these things were rejected since my faith in the God of Israel is stronger than the Satanic hell these people create on this earth.

Some they seem able to completely control to commit murderous acts. Other people they seem to have more difficulty. Religious values and faith probably is a great obstacle to them. This is probably why my religious values are always under attack. How do you maintain religion under a Satanic system devised by devil worshippers?

Elliot Rodger's father worked on a mind control film. This is hiding the truth in plain sight. It seems to me he was targeted for this atrocity to further the gun control restrictions in America. We must remember the Navy Yard Shooter, was a "targeted individual" whom heard voices before going on a rampage. Elliot Rodger also heard voices and was diagnosed as paranoid. He refused to take his medication. Technology as we know can induce voices into people. Commands are given to people via these voices. They are computer generated, known as chatter bots, and can be on people 24/7. In my case they were first audible from the sky later after 12 months went only to synthetic telepathy (these are silent voices heard inside the head via pressure inside the head and constant 24/7 ringing in the ears).

From the article, UCSB Shooter Elliot Rodger Refused His Psychiatric Medicines, His Parents Now In Hiding

His parents did everything they could to help him. It seemed that Elliot suffered from extreme paranoia and heard voices, but it was impossible to properly diagnose because he just wouldn’t talk. Having been prescribed psychiatric medication, Elliot refused to take it.

The technology influenced and controlled his mind.

May he and his victims rest in peace. The God of Israel, knows everything that goes on in this world. He alone will judge righteously. We must never be frightened to speak out against these mind control weapons they have. Our duty is to warn mankind of the evil that lurks in our midst. Our job is to seek God and His righteousness.

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