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Monday, 5 May 2014

Email from

I sent an email to exhorting the woman behind the ministry to read some scholarly material on the beginnings of Islam from a Jewish source (ie. The Jewish Foundation of Islam by Charles Torrey).

It appears not only are the Jews no better than myself when it comes to research. We are both children of the devil. upholds the Biblical Sabbath (on Saturday) God's Holy days and would be considered a Sabbatarian ministry and for these beliefs we share.

That a fellow Sabbatarian and Holy day observer is a servant of the devil is close to blasphemy if not utter blasphemy. I would advise her to repent. The misunderstanding it seems is that it appears that I am an apologist for Islam.

Here is some of her email from

You are a worker of the devil! You endorse and promote islam! You are NOT a servant of Christ. islam is most certainly the religion of Anti-Christ. islam is very very evil. i am very glad that JESUS brought you to my attention and caused you to contact me. Because your writings PROVE the connection of islam and judaism. Which are BOTH evil. They truly ARE the same. .... you are the enemy of Christ.
First of all I am not an apologist for Islam. I reject the religion of "Islam". She does not separate the scripture of the Quran from the religion of Islam. Difficult for many I know, but not for real scholars who are seeking the truth.

The Quran is a book that was sent down by angel Gabriel. And it covers the existing scriptures of the Bible. God sent it down to make clear the Bible and correct any misconceptions that have happened. The Jewish origins of Islam has been investigated by a Jewish scholar, Charles Torrey and his research is independent.

The Jews are not the servants of the devil either. They have done more to preserve the Biblical Sabbath and holy days of God than any other religious group throughout history. We rely on their scriptures. If they were servants of the devil then you might as well stop using their holy books. She would certainly be astounded at the website: Jews for Allah.

I remain as a Sabbath believer and Holy day Believer. Accept Muhammed as a continuation of the prophets of Israel. But reject the religion of Islam since it has abandoned the "covenant" of Israel. I am a monotheist. This means I believe in ONE God with Jesus Christ being human and not necessary divine, but certainly not the Son of God. Jesus is a Messiah or Prophet for the tribes of Israel. Wade Cox, of the Christian Churches of God whom also believe in Muhammed and the Quran use it promote Unitarianism (they still maintain Jesus is God's Son). Sabbath keepers can be Trinitarian, Unitarian, binitarian, or monotheist. We have been fighting over these issues for over 2,000 years, and I suppose it isn't going to end any time soon.

It is easy to jump to conclusions without studying all of the facts. I am sure this woman did not mean to be so harsh to a fellow Sabbath keeper. Maybe she will read the Quran and come to her own conclusions.

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