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Saturday, 10 May 2014

IsawthelightMinistries, Tim's Carpenters Insanity

The Isawthelight Ministries is headed up by former WCG member, Tim Carpenter has been exposed by COGwriter for his writing of false prophecies.

One of his most tantalising prophecies has been one where he paints President Biden as the Antichrist. These days he seems to suggest it is Syrian President Bashar Assad is its final fulfilment. (see article:

Not only does Tim proclaim an Islamic end time beast system but the Antichrist will be a Jew called President Bashar Assad. Yes you heard right. Assad is a closet Jew.

From his article:

bashar assad is a Jew!

he is the descendant of a Jewish Dynasty of a man named Suliman al-Wahash (assad's great grandfather), who arrived in Syria in 1860 or 1870 from Isfahan, Iran.

Ali Suleyman (assad's grandfather) changed the family name to "Assad" in the 1920s. The original family name meant "the beast". The new family name means "the lion". Critics of Bashar Assad over the years have also claimed he had a Jewish lover and that one of his daughters was married to a Jew.

Tim no stranger to making false predictions. Wrote COGwriter exposing this fraud:

... in 2009 was COGMT’s Tim Carpenter. He, for example, claimed that Joe Biden would become USA President and the Antichrist. Here are several others that he had for 2009 that I also declared would not come to pass in 2009...


-Start of the final 42 months -7 cities attacked, They call it “terror” and blame it on Iran. These 7 cities may come in the form of 3 attacks and then the other 4 at a later date. This is an inside job. “False Flags”. Ezek. 9… -Dan. 11:20-21 will be fulfilled and the raiser of taxes will take his fall. -Prince of the Covenant, the one they call Anti-christ, comes to power as an American president. Dan. 11:21-rest of chapter. -Mark of the beast program announced ( viewed 07/16/09)

Tim Carpenter by his own admission had previously been listening to seducing spirits since his active involvement in Satanism and the occult which he writes against in his ministry. Even Freemasons of all degrees get a lambasting.

Writes Tim Carpenter on his past:

Oh, I know the power very well. I really do. Like I said, I was very very very deep into witchcraft, paganism, vampirism, satanism, homosexuality, and many other lifestyles. I know the power of the dark side very very very well. However, I have MORE power as a servant of GOD. But yet that power of GOD is not what I seek. I did seek power in the pass and did attain great power. BUT as a SERVANT of GOD, I have more power than I EVER did on the dark side and I am so very MUCH happier and at ease and have a greater purpose in my life." (source:

In another article about his life Pastor Tim pens, "Delivered by GOD from a lifestyle of S&M... i was VERY heavily into the lifestyle.... S&M stands for Sadist and Masochrist. A sadist is a person who enjoys hurting other people... " (

By his own admission he was into the left hand path of Luciferianism, but he claims to have turned his life around. Studying the occult for research is one thing but actively following a philosophy of Satanism is quite another. He clearly is suffering from some grand delusions because he is continually making prophecies which do not come to pass. The Bible warns us such people are false prophets. We should avoid people like this.

Tim Carpenter's Advice to Homosexuals

Tim a former homosexual gives some startling advice to his audience who want to break away from the habit "Don't tell any gay person your new addresses or phone number! No gay roommates allowed!!!...You cannot, absolutely cannot live a life of freedom if you are tied to your gay friends and gay roommates....If you hang out in a barbar shop, eventually you are going to end up with a haircut!... burn or throw out all influences, pictures, porno, movies, music, magazines, letters, decorations, etc. that would influence you to backslide. Don't wait to sell them. Don't give them away either but rather throw these things away immediately or burn them in a outdoor fire pit. ... " (

Seriously Tim your 29 points are really going to help people. Just throw away a few dirty magazines, pray to Jesus and make some new friends in the church.

Halal -- the New Mark of the Beast

Tim Carpenter a devout Sabbath keeper whom shuns pork as a violation of the Torah now writes in his latest spiritual insight that halal is now the mark of the beast. He obviously is still listening to those seducing spirits.

Sabbath keepers do not have a problem with halal since we are commanded not to eat anything with pork products. If anything it makes our life easier. Tim disagrees, it is the final mark of the beast--which we must stand up to by refusing halal at our local SUBWAY.

Penns delusional Tim:

The islamic antichrist is NOW putting a mark on many products and services across the globe! It is called the "halal mark". The halal mark (pronounced ha-law) and sharia law are physical counterparts to the Spiritual Mark of the Beast, islam. You want to boycott/abstain from all halal businesses, foods, products & services. "Halal" means that the product or service profanes the Name of the Creator GOD or that an demonic islamic prayer has been said over the product or the product has been dedicated to allah or Sacrificed to allah. The product has been defiled by it's dedicatation to allah. (source:
Tim believes you must also sacrifice your employment if they are financing "halal" or Islamic causes to usher in a new golden halal age culminating in the final onslaught of being forced fed a halal subway. Eating halal is enough to get punished for "eternity".

Delusional? You would think so? A non pork eater condemning others who also do not eat pork.

Where do you think Tim halal came from? The Egyptian god Osiris? The sky god? The moon god? Or the God of Abraham? Of course it came from the Torah but ignorance is bliss in his world. Real scholarship he spawns because Tim is the author of all truth. Was it truth that led him to Satanism or truth that led him out of it? Both cannot be truth. So obviously Tim makes mistakes.

He gives the Sabbath keeping community a bad name. He condemns everyone, spurns real scholarship, makes false predictions and by his own admission been listening to seducing spirits in Satanism. Be cautious before joining with his ministry. You may just have a lucky escape by not joining.

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