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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pope Francis a Secret Jew or just plain absurd?

Some believe Pope Francis is a secret Jew. This could be likely since one of his best friends is a Rabbi from Argentina. The Order of the Jesuits founded by Jews originally but they were later thrown out by the Roman Catholic bloodline.

This friction between Jewish blood and Roman blood in the Jesuit order has been highlighted by a Jew called Marc Shapiro, in the article,

Writes Shapiro, "Until then, those with “Jewish blood” were welcomed, and some of these reached high positions in the order, including Ignatius’ secretary, Juan Alfonso de Polanco, and his successor as Superior General, Diego Laynez, who was a significant intellectual leader of the Catholic Reformation. Francisco de Toledo, also of Jewish descent, was the first Jesuit to be appointed a cardinal. New Christians were so common in the order that King Phillip II of Spain termed the Jesuits “a synagogue of Hebrews.”(The fascinating subject of Jesuits and Jewish blood has received a full and expert treatment in Robert Aleksander Maryks’ recent work The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews.) 1593 the society decreed that no one with any known Jewish ancestry was allowed to join, an adumbration of what in United States racial history would come to be known as the “One Drop Rule.”

The Jews were later kicked out of the Jesuit order. So it wouldn't surprise many of us today if the Jews are not once again in high positions in the order promoting "Zionism". The cosy relationship between the Jews and the Catholics is a new one, and does not represent traditional Catholic teaching whom reserve the right not to recognise Israel. The Catholic church recognised the state of Israel only 20 years ago. Since then a new Catholic church has emerged which early Catholics now dead would not recognise if they were resurrected back to life.

Well there have been Jewish Popes throughout history of the Church of Rome. (see the article, A Jewish Pope?) So it is nothing new to have a Jewish convert in the Chair of St Peter, often labelled anti Popes.

The Antichrist is thought by many to be Jewish from references in the book of Daniel. This makes many to think Pope Francis is an anti Pope, perhaps even Jewish by birth in order to fulfil Bible prophecy. One whom may later end up sitting in the Temple of God, showing himself that he is god (2 Thess 2:4).

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