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Monday, 9 June 2014

Black Mass at Harvard University

Harvard University, did a re-enactment of a Satanic Black Mass, performed by the Satanic Temple on 12th May, reports an article in VigilantCitizen.

See the article: The Satanic Temple Will Conduct ‘Reenactment’ of Satanic Black Mass at Harvard University

We know Jesus did not die on the cross. It was Judas. The black mass is suppose to be a blasphemy of the Mass in the Roman Catholic church. Yet we know by studying the writings of A. Crowley, the "mass" contains all the sacred mysteries already upheld by the Roman Catholic church in the form of the waver and wine.

The Eucharist is a pagan celebration which predated Christianity and observed in magical societies as the "Gnostic mass". Since Jesus did not die on the cross, we have no need to partake of the wine and bread which are merely magical symbols of the roman mysteries cults. They form the god "Osiris" and by drinking the wine and chewing the wafer the god form of Osiris is transformed into the recipient.

Magicians have to take the Eucharist every day to help build up their magical powers.

The Torah forbids the drinking of blood and eating human flesh. Jesus would have sinned by violating the Torah telling his followers to eat in symbol his flesh and drink his blood.

Sins were forgiven before Jesus arrived. This shows human blood was not needed to forgive sins. God forgave sins on repentance. The mystery cult of Rome turned Jesus into a human sacrifice, editing the New Testament and persecuted those gnostic Christians who refused to accept the "sacrificial" cult. The Prophet Muhammed set the record straight. Jesus escaped from the cross and the Jews along with the Romans, ended up putting Judas (Gospel of Barnabas) on the cross.

Christians today are wilfully ignorant of this great deception. Humans have immortal souls. We have no need for a blood curdling human sacrifice to save us. We will be placed either in Paradise or Hell depending on our Record on the Day of Judgement.

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