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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Conspiracy Theorist Michael Ruppert Found Dead

Going with the recent theme of posts with strange deaths, add another to the list.

Controversial Conspiracy Theorist Michael Ruppert who had his own talk show covering a wide range of subjects the occult elite would rather you didn't know about. He was found dead with a bullet wound to the head. An apparent suicide. Life is cheap these days. His website continues at

Writes the Daily Mail:

9/11 conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist Michael Ruppert has reportedly committed suicide.

The 63-year-old former narcotics investigator with the LAPD shot himself after his radio show, according to an announcement by author Carolyn Baker who was a guest on his final broadcast on Sunday.

Mr Ruppert was famous for his litany of conspiracy theories which encompassed the CIA to drugs, international politics, the oil industry, Wall Street and 9/11.

After leaving the LAPD, Mr Ruppert started a website From The Wilderness which claimed to expose government corruption. It included his claims that he had seen drug-dealing at the CIA.

Mr Ruppert gained notoriety by confronting then-CIA Director John Deutch during a meeting in 1995 and telling him that he had seen CIA officers involved in drug-dealing.

He later claimed on his website that the CIA and American government was involved in 9/11.

In 2004, he published Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

The book alleged than former VP Dick Cheney had conspired with Wall Street and other government officials over the September 11 World Trade Center attacks.

In 2009, he starred in a documentary called Collapse where he spoke about his theories involving the demise of mankind following the economic and energy crises.

Apparently Michael Ruppert left a note suggesting he would end his life. It can be found on Michael C. Ruppert Suicide Note Released. Forgers in this age can create replicas of famous works of art deceiving even the very experts. Hand writing can be copied by experts. This note wasn't even looked at by a professional. People have assumed it is his hand writing because it looks like it. Can you tell the difference between a real note and a counterfeit one? Probably not. Skeptics like myself know all the tricks in the book. One would also have to analyse the style of writing, the use of words, etc.

We know they murder people in the United States. The amount of strange and unusual deaths could fill volumes of books that people wouldn't believe it. It is likely he was just another victim of the occult elite whom conspire against nations. This occult elite are the Brotherhood of Saturn and their book is available from a respected occult publisher entitled: Fire and Ice: The Brotherhood of Saturn. An occult elite from Germany have successfully changed this world into hell on earth.

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