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Monday, 9 June 2014

GCHQ Spy Agency Protest

Stephen Fry is encouraging people to protest against GCHQ in Cheltenham outside the building on the 29 August to 1 September.

GCHQ employs 3,000 staff in Cheltenham. They are engaged in spying on nations and people in the United Kingdom. All information on the internet is filtered through to them via some nefarious means. All telephone calls were routed through GCHQ in Menwith Hill (Jewish reporter blows the whistle in the book: The Secret War Against the Jews).

The heads of GCHQ belong to the Order of St Michael. This order is about fighting demons with the aid of Archangel Michael. Whilst they persecute the Christian wearing the "pagan" cross the head chiefs are involved in Christian magical societies. But, don't let the truth get in the way of the facts.

One man who worked for GCHQ once remarked, "You will not believe what goes on in GCHQ" about to spill the beans to a friend. Only later has it occurred to me that they are probably involved in mind hacking activities through the NSA. Those nice Americans attach themselves to most GCHQ buildings, so they can "legally" wiretap Britons. Likewise the "British" in Forte Meade "wiretapped" American citizens. This enabled the government with a clear conscience to say they were not actively spying on their own citizens.

The NSA must be a secret office inside GCHQ which most staff working there don't even have access to. But to have over 3,000 staff they must be gathering intelligence on a massive scale for the paranoid Satanic worshippers whom meet during the Equinoxes. Did you know a Rothschild mansion, Mentmore Towers, was used for the film set of "Eyes Wide Shut" which showed magical circles? For a write up of Eyes Wide Shut go to Vigilante Citizen. Hiding it in plain sight lads? Did you know The Order of the Garter is also a magical society? One man who belonged to The Order of the Garter had the demon Osiris appear before him one night. With power like that who needs GCHQ? Contradict yourself there lads.

Now if you want to protest these ancient priestly occultists whom dress up in black garb on the Equinoxes chanting to Osiris, the risen sun, then get yourself down at the protest. And just to annoy them pitch up with an ILLUMINATI (Brotherhood of Saturn) sign.

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