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Monday, 30 June 2014

Gilead Atzmon, The Jewish prophet

Gilead Atzmon, an Israeli Jew turned anti Zionism, fled to the United Kingdom to take up a career playing jazz. He is the object of much hatred by the Jewish lobby, particularly the British Board of Deputies. Even the Palestinian lobby who crusade against the Zionists have disassociated themselves away from him.

Learn the truth about the Jews and Israel. The Jews are not Israel. Read Herbert W. Armstrong's book: The United States and Britain in Prophecy. The Jews come from Judah and cannot claim birth right promises given to Israel through Ephraim and Manasseh.

These same Jewish Zionists have been aware that the UK government or Mossad or both have place me in a "targeted individual" programme whilst being a staunch Christian Zionist. The targeted individual programmes are discussed by whistle blower Robert Duncan. They sent me voices through the air via microwave technology telling me to kill myself, threatening police action, and setting me up on all number of bogus charges. My life almost ended three times, also with them trying to kill me off in a car accident. I informed the Jewish Chronicle but they just ignored me. Not surprising since Rothschild is funding this technology along with the Rockefellars and Shimon Peres giving away one million dollars to fund it as well. For over 20 years, I had been supporting the Jews and Israel. They are either targeting blood lines (confirmed by a Witch), or the Jews are not the people they are claiming to be.

The Holy Quran and the Bible and Prophets speak about the misdeeds of the people. The most important aspect is that they have fabricated parts of scriptures writing out the work of the Prophet Muhammed. The Gospel of Barnabas gives us some testimony of an early gospel message telling us about the coming of a prophet after Jesus.

Surah 27:76, "Verily, this Quran narrates to the Children of Israel most of that in which they differ."

Zionism has misrepresented the final book that has come down from the God of Israel. Gabriel, the messenger to Israel, gave a message to the Prophet Muhammed to correct the people since the scriptures had fallen into some corruption. The Quran was given to correct our understanding of scripture not necessarily to abrogate all of it.

Gilead Atzmon, has been described as a Jewish prophet for his outspokenness towards Zionism, Jewish culture uncovering the scams of historical records which purport to be truth.

One may think why would we even bother to feature such a person on the blog. For one his insight into the political structure of Zionism provides a lot of useful information. Another, anyone who ends up targeted is always a source worth listening to. For lies and deception the power structures of the world don't even bother to persecute but for truth, they will murder. The father of lies, Lucifer controls this earth along with 9 other demons in the Qlippoth through heavenly and earthly counsels.

From Gilead Atzmon Blog:

Here are some quotes I found in the final chapter of “Future of the Prophetic,” Ellis’ new epic treatise.

The Prophet

“Like the ancient prophets Atzmon exposes Jews. At the same time, Atzmon believes that the Bible, from which the prophets spring, is bogus….Atzmon provides no hiding place for Jews anywhere.” (Future of the Prophetic, Marc H. Ellis pg’ 332)

“Atzmon is extreme but, in his extremity, he is much like the biblical prophets.” (pg’332)

“Atzmon performs the prophetic for our time. Like the biblical prophets he does not acknowledge, Atzmon believes we are at the end of Jewish history, a history, like the prophets, he no longer believe exists or, if it does, is not worthy of being carried forward. Irony of ironies, he witnesses to the continuity of both” (pg’ 334)

“Like Moses, though with a twist, Atzmon is constrained from entering the land….Atzmon refuses to return until the Promised Land is liberated from the modern-day Israelites. In short, Atzmon’s homeland is occupied by Jews” (pg’ 336)

“ Instead of King of the Jews. Perhaps Atzmon should be recognized as the prophet of old, At least in his self description and his outreach, this is the way he appears” (pg’ 332)

“Although largely silent on the prophets, Atzmon’s prophetic voice wants nothing to do with his biblical patrimony. It seems to him contrivance that leads to what Israel has become-and perhaps, more or less, always was. (pg’ 329)

On Jewish Diaspora, Tribal Symptoms and Detractors:

“In an accusatory manner, Atzmon cites Diaspora Jews for constructing their identity through the Holocaust and the State of Israel. Since most Diaspora Jews were born after the Holocaust and do not live in Israel, Atzmon views them as voyeurs. (pg’ 329)

“From the Jewish establishment Board of Deputies to the marginal Jewish Trotskyites –‘the Jews for this and that’- Atzmon sees it all as a giant scam.” (331)

“Atzmon views the accusation of being an anti-Semite as a last ditch attempt by Jewish groups of different viewpoints to insulate themselves against the deconstruction of Jewish identity. However, while protecting against the deconstruction of Jewish identity another projection comes to the fore.” (pg’ 331)

For Atzmon Jewish identity lacks foundation. Therefore, ganging up on him becomes an agreed-upon foundation to deal with a group anxiety that there is a little basis of Jewish identity at all. Why else would such diverse group come together to denounce a fellow Jew* with such vehemence? Perhaps, as well, Jewish group-think regarding Atzmon represent an anxiety that Atzmon himself voices and embodies: that the only foundation of Jewishness is injustice. “ (331)

“He (Atzmon) baits his opponents and leaves them without a place to turn. Nor does he leave himself room to turn. Unlike the biblical prophets, Atzmon’s call to repentance leads nowhere – unless exile is always somewhere else” (pg’ 334)

Addressing the question why Atzmon doesn’t simply drift away and leaves the Jews alone Ellis writes:

“In fact, Atzmon takes pleasure in the ire of Jews he antagonizes with his writing. He delights in calling attention to the restrictive Jewishness of Jews across the board. “(Pg, 330)

On the Jewish appeasement of Palestinians a la Ali Abunimah & Co, Ellis writes:

“Atzmon’s self-identification has led Jewish and Palestinian groups to publically disassociate from him. The lead has been taken by Palestinians themselves who struggle to separate Jews and Zionism. For these Palestinians, Atzmon muddies the waters since their dispute with Israel as a Jewish State is not with Jews themselves. By disassociating themselves from Atzmon, Palestinians want to set the record straight about their own views on Israel, Zionism and Jews” (pg’ 330)

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