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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How those Demons Know What is Going to Happen to You

Demons are called jinn in the Holy Quran. These creatures exist on the earth and fly about throughout the sky. They have animal and human like appearances.

Fortune tellers making a good living from reading tarot cards, spiritualists contacting their guides, and witches summoning up the elemental spirits in their magical circles. One witch I spoke to said she had summoned up a gnome which pushed her down the stairs so cautioned me to be careful about them.

There is a Court in Heaven, this is called the Sanhedrin. It is ruled by about 70 of God's holy angels. We hear of this court in 3 Enoch, The Testament of Solomon and in the religious traditions of the Jews on Rosh Hashanah. This court of heaven is alluded to in the Holy Quran. The court makes decisions on people's lives which are carried out by the jinn (demons) and holy angels of God. Don't ask me about all the finer details because I am not privy to secret esoteric knowledge.

The heavenly court is the Celestial Court, the angel Metatron, presides over in the heavens as described in 3 Enoch.

3 Enoch 16: “At first I was sitting upon a great Throne at the door of the Seventh Hall ; and I was judging the children of heaven, the household on high by authority of the Holy One, blessed be He. And I divided Greatness, Kingship, Dignity, Rulership, Honour and Praise, and Diadem and Crown of Glory unto all the princes of kingdoms, while I was presiding (lit. sitting) in the Celestial Court (Yeshiba), and the princes of kingdoms were standing before me, on my right and on my left by authority of the Holy One, blessed be He.”

Testament of Solomon 113: “And when they were gone I ordered Ornias to be brought forward, and said to him: "Tell me how you know this;" and he answered: "We demons ascend into the firmament of heaven, and fly about among the stars. And we hear the sentences which go forth upon the souls of men, and forth with we come, and whether by force of influence, or by fire, or by sword, or by some accident, we veil our act of destruction; and if a man does not die by some untimely disaster or by violence, then we demons transform ourselves in such a way as to appear to men and be worshipped in our human nature."

Testament of Solomon 114: “I therefore, having heard this, glorified the Lord God, and again I questioned the demon, saying: "Tell me how ye can ascend into heaven, being demons, and amidst the stars and holy angels intermingle." And he answered: "Just as things are fulfilled in heaven, so also on earth (are fulfilled) the types of all of them. For there are principalities, authorities, world-rulers, and we demons fly about in the air; and we hear the voices of the heavenly beings, and survey all the powers. And as having no ground (basis) on which to alight and rest, we lose strength and fall off like leaves from trees. And men seeing us imagine that the stars are falling from heaven. But it is not really so, O king; but we fall because of our weakness, and because we have nowhere anything to lay hold of; and so we fall down like lightning in the depth of night and suddenly. And we set cities in flames and fire the fields. For the stars have firm foundations in the heavens like the sun and the moon."

The demons fly into the heavens to listen in to the Court of Heaven. They can hear what is going to happen to people in the next year, which happens on Rosh Hashanah, known in Islam as the Night of Power. They are probably commissioned to fulfil certain tasks against people but are not privy to all that will happen to people.

The Holy Quran also confirms this.

Surah 72:8-10 “And we have sought to reach the heaven; but found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires (angels)., “And Verily, we used to sit there in stations, to (steal) a hearing, but any who listens now will find a flaming fire watching him in ambush. “And we know not whether evil is intended for those on earth, or whether their Lord intends for them a Right Path.”

Surah 15:17,18, "And We have guarded it (the near heaven) from every outcast Satan. Except him (devil) who steals the hearing then he is pursued by a clear flaming fire."

Satan steals a hearing from the Court of Heaven so that he knows what is going to happen on the earth. A knowledge of the Court of Heaven helps us to understand this verse correctly. The demons fly into the heavens to listen in to the Court of Heaven where rulings are made on mankind's fate. With this knowledge they can pass it on to the soothsayers, the witches, and spiritualists. This is why some of the information is accurate which they pass on. But they will always mix truth with deception. Angels of God try to stop these demons from listening into the Court.

Surah 67:5, “And indeed We have adorned the nearest heaven with lamps, and We have made such lamps as missiles to drive away the devils, and have prepared for them the torment of the blazing Fire.

The devils are driven away from reaching the first heaven with lamps when they seek to ascend into the heavens to go to the Court of Heaven.

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