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Monday, 16 June 2014

Islamic response to Isis: Silence is golden

Isis, the Islamic terror group operating in Iraq taking over the oil fields in key locations has been executing Iraqi soldiers en mass and sending chills of terror down the spines of the locals whilst they flee in horror.

The deafening of Islam on the atrocities of Isis is a golden silence except for Iran.

Iran who is despised by the Sunnis is made up predominately of Shias. Shias are an acceptable sacrifice to the gods in Sunni Islam has they promote themselves as the one true religion.

Sunnis the majority of Islam have a strange concept of the Antichrist, the Dajjal placing him in the area of Afghanistan and Iran, but being a one eyed Jew. Writes Wikipedia: "The Dajjal will appear somewhere between Iran and Syria[12] and will travel the whole world preaching his falsehood, but will be unable to enter Mecca or Medina."

Islam becomes an Antichrist in the end times according to the Hadiths represented by a one eyed Jew from Iran or Afghanistan.

The Antichrist must be Islamic, since he comes from countries embraced by Islam (not Judaism or Christianity). Yet the irony is lost on most Muslims whom consider every word of the hadith the gospel truth. Even when it contradicts its contradictions can be explained by a "weak" transmission or "hadith" or both opinions are correct. This is the case with the Antichrist being blind in one eye. Some hadiths suggest it is the left eye, others suggest it is the right eye. Scholars then take the unusual approach by suggesting both eyes are blinded. Well, he wouldn't be blinded in just one eye then?

Surely a better interpretation is that Islam would later abandon many of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed and be changed into a political beast that would seek to dominate the world through violence and the sword of jihad.

Modern Islam has suffered from the safe fate as Christianity. Both reject the divine Torah of God. Both have attempted to replace the divine words of God given at Mount Sinai with religious traditions.

The atrocities of ISIS are unacceptable. They are war crimes and do not represent true Islam as outlined in the Holy Quran and holy Torah. The law of "eye for eye" or "Law of Equality" can be applied on them. The followers of Isis, can be justifiable stopped by governments.

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