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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Islamic Terror Group, ISIS selling Oil to Turkey

Islamic terror group, ISIS has been caught selling 800 million dollars of oil to Turkey from the oil fields it controls including Mosul. Russian Muslims are joining ISIS to secure oil pipelines. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait fund Isis according to official sources. For information on Russia and its oil go to The emergence of the Russian Rockefeller. A book that may be of interest although out of print is called: The Russian Rockefellars. The book tells us before World War 1, Russia was producing 40 per cent of refined petroleum for the world with the Noble family producing one third, and producing half of the world's oil. At the war's end the Noble family was fleeing Russia disguised as a peasant with his industry in ruins.

From the article: Opposition MP says ISIS is selling oil in Turkey

Ediboglu said: “$800 million worth of oil that ISIS obtained from regions it occupied this year [the Rumeilan oil fields in northern Syria — and most recently Mosul] is being sold in Turkey. They have laid pipes from villages near the Turkish border at Hatay. Similar pipes exist also at [the Turkish border regions of] Kilis, Urfa and Gaziantep. They transfer the oil to Turkey and parlay it into cash. They take the oil from the refineries at zero cost. Using primitive means, they refine the oil in areas close to the Turkish border and then sell it via Turkey. This is worth $800 million.”

Is Turkish intelligence helping fighters?

Ediboglu further stated: “Fighters from Europe, Russia, Asian countries and Chechnya are going in large numbers both to Syria and Iraq, crossing from Turkish territory. There is information that at least 1,000 Turkish nationals are helping those foreign fighters sneak into Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. The National Intelligence Organization (MIT) is allegedly involved. None of this can be happening without MIT’s knowledge.”

The report noted that some 2,000 oil wells exist in the Rumeilan region, which lies on the other side of the border stretching between [Turkey’s] districts of Cizre in Sirnak province and Nusaybin in Mardin province. “The region’s oil is being smuggled to Turkey. The daily amount of smuggled diesel fuel has reached 1,500 tons, which corresponds to 3.5% of Turkey’s consumption,” it added.

BP involved in Rumaila Oil Field

According to Wikipedia:

The field is owned by Iraq and subcontracted to BP and CNPC under Iraq Producing Field Technical Service Contract (PFTSC).[1][3] BP is an operator of the project with 38% while CNPC and SOMO hold 37% and 25%, respectively.[15] BP and CNPC will recover a renumerated fee of $2 per barrel in profits which will account to 15 to 20% rate of return on investment. Iraqi government and BP agreed to cut the initial bidding price per barrel from $3.99 to $2.00 in June 2009. [16] The US changed its status of forces agreement the same month, starting to depart from Iraq. ExxonMobil which also bid on servicing this field at a price $4.80 walked away due to price cutting terms by the Iraqi Government leaving BP and CNPC as winners of the contract.[17][18][19] BP expects the costs will begin to be recovered after the production will be raised by 10% from the current output. The rehabilitation and expansion project will be managed by Rumaila Field Operating Organization (ROO) which will be staffed mainly from SOC employees, a wide range of international oilfield service providers, and smaller number of experts from BP and CNPC.[15][20]

An estimated $15 billion will be spent on enhancing the operations at Rumaila over the next 20 years.

Nathan Rothschild has invested in Northern Iraq through GENEL. Writes The Guardian: "... in the Genel Energy business along with his partners Nat Rothschild and two other executives... with the Turkish-based Genel, the largest oil producer in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Genel, with stakes in six oilfields in northern Iraq says those interests amount to a potential 356m barrels of proven oil reserves. Genel shares rose 1.2%to 855p still less than the £10 float price."

BP is part of the Rothschild cartel. "BP Amoco shares directors with JP Morgan Chase. RD/Shell has ties with Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, N. M. Rothschild & Sons and Bank of England." (Source: The Four Horsemen Behind America’s Oil Wars)

Turkey a Hub

Turkey is an important hub for Russia and the Middle East. Gas and oil flows through Turkey to Europe.

From the US Energy Information:

In addition to being a major market for energy supplies, Turkey's role as an energy transit hub is increasingly important. Turkey is a key part of oil and natural gas supplies movement from Russia, the Caspian region, and the Middle East to Europe. The country has been a major transit point for seaborne-traded oil and is becoming more important for pipeline-traded oil and natural gas. Growing volumes of Russian and Caspian oil are being sent by tanker via the Turkish Straits to Western markets, while a terminal on Turkey's Mediterranean coast at Ceyhan serves as an outlet for oil exports from northern Iraq and for both oil and natural gas exports from Azerbaijan.

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