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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Jewish Banking Family end up in Psychatric Care and Penniless

Sotherby's has some important documents detailing the lives of Jewish bankers and merchants mainly in Frankfurt, Germany. These documents highlight the Rothschild family of banking had competition from other powerful wealthy Jews. Download and read descriptions of these documents:

Eustace Mullins whom wrote against the Rothschild family ended up in a psychiatric hospital. He narrowly escaped from being put in there forever. A Jewish poet, Ezra Pound, whom became a source of most of Eustace Mullin's work was imprisoned by the Rockefellar and Rothschild cartel whom have agents in government. Sending people to psychiatric hospitals must be their calling cards.

So it is not a surprise to learn a powerful Jewish wealthy banker ends up penniless and placed in psychiatric care. Was it a case of getting rid of the competition? We can only speculate without any real proof.

From the documents at Sotherby:

Impoverished Jews in psychiatry JUNGENFELD, Franz Freiherr von (1778-1840), mayor of Mainz, handwritten, signed letter, Mainz, March 2, 1829. Old German script on paper, 2 leaves, folio, about 34.5 x 21.9 cm Slightly soiled, slightly frayed edges, small tear in the middle of the paper caused through opening of the letter. Letterhead and stamp of the “Grand Ducal Hessian Mayor’s Office of the city of Mainz.” Addressed to Councilor Dittmar, the Director of the Hospital Hofheim, [Jungenfeld] in his function as Chairman of the "Grand Ducal Hessian Mayor's Office of the city of Mainz" announces that he, according to the written request from February 6, 1829, has claimed the payments of outstanding care allowances for the past year. The Jew Marcus declared that he wants to pay the outstanding 15 Gulden 45 Kreutzer immediately. The brother and guarantor of Isidor Amsterdam declared that he lost his fortune due to the bankruptcy of the trading house Salomon Breisach in Vienna and he is therefore unable to pay the care allowance. The father of the lunatic Canstadt also attributes his insolvency to the bankruptcy of the said trading house. He [Jungenfeld] had asked the latter two to prove the truth of their statements satisfactorily. - Marcus Reinach belonged to a rich Jewish family, since 1741 traceable in Mainz, which included bankers, politicians, and scientists not only in Mainz, but also in Paris and Frankfurt. Reinach was a member of the Jewish Consistory of the district Mainz in 1810/11. - The family Breisach was originally from Eisenstadt, then moved to Bratislava, and finally formed branches in Budapest and Vienna, where they were among the leading Jewish families.

The Jewish Encyclopedia writes of the Rothschilds: "Important court bankers around the end of the 18th century were Israel *Jacobson in Brunswick, the *Bleichroeder family in Berlin, Simon Baruch and Solomon Oppenheimer in Bonn, the *Rothschilds in Frankfurt, the Reutlinger, Seligmann, and *Haber families in Karlsruhe, the Kaulla family in Stuttgart, and Aron Elias Seligmann, later baron of Eichthal, in Munich.

The document relates, "Marcus Reinach belonged to a rich Jewish family, since 1741 traceable in Mainz, which included bankers, politicians, and scientists not only in Mainz, but also in Paris and Frankfurt...where they were among the leading Jewish families." Not the Rothschild franchise unlike what it has become today.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild was from Frankfurt-am-Mainz in Hessen-Kassel. Yet today he appears to be one of the wealthiest families on the earth. He must have only succeeded by destroying his enemies or by making alliances with competitors.

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