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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Liberal Democrats Decline

It must be a case of irony on God's part to throw the Liberal Democrat party into a state of such disarray since the results of the European Elections. It was a Liberal Democrat MP that was first contacted last year when the "targeting" began.

Last year I was placed on a severe form of the programme designed to be an "assassination" programme. Since death threats were a daily occurrence with images of hanging continually put in my mind and inserting them into my dreams through dream manipulation.

They tried to kill me three times through various means last year. Only by the grace of God have I managed to stay alive since most people would not have survived. Last year they almost talked me into jumping from a mountain, killing my parents, burning down occult bookstores, burning down the local synagogue, setting fire to police stations, to name a few of the grisly things they continually pumped into my mind. Of course none of these things ever took place but they were examples of what the voices were saying.

This year, they put me on "synthetic" telepathy and have removed the audible voices from the sky. Though the voices can be heard they are silent voices inside the head or very low.

The threats endured almost endless dedicated to destroying the person both physically and spiritually. In my case it was just to terminate life through a process of torture that was severe during the first three months. Though some get the severity of the "targeting" more than others. They were also able to beam cartoon characters which appeared in pictures and walls and in the clouds in the sky. They also sent chemical smells trying to convince me it was poison. Various religious scripts were used to engage my imagination.

I have often wondered what God is going to do with the Liberal Party and the MP whom was contacted last year. Maybe it is God's judgement since they did not help a Zionist Christian but closed their eyes and ears like a bunch of Pharisees. Their decline is certainly well deserved. And yes you heard right. I was a Christian Zionist at the time of targeting.

Zionism is not Christian. The movement pretends to be a devout Jewish movement upholding the Torah. However rogue Jewish movements such as Sabbateanism whom practice the black arts of magic have so infiltrated Judaism, forming Zionism. Zionists use black magic books such as the 6th and 7th books of Moses, facing EAST toward the Temple in Jerusalem whilst summoning up angels and spirits. The book can be purchased at Amazon here. This is reason why Zionists have no problem targeting Christian Zionists. We are really their enemies.

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