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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Muslim Gangs at it Again Threatening Homosexuals, Drinkers and targeting Whiteys in Cardiff

Muslim gangs are at it again. They cannot leave the culture of intimidation for one moment. East London has become a hotbed for Islamic youths taunting homosexuals, beating up American tourists drinking a bottle of alcohol, and whiteys in Cardiff get taunted by thug who has joined Isis.

Shame his IQ isn't that great. Isis is the wife of Osiris in the Egyptian religion, such beliefs formed part of the Sabians in the Holy Quran, the one's the Prophet Muhammed spent his days fighting.

No fan of these Islamic radicals who tout the religion of Islam. Turning a beautiful religion into a level of intolerance which does not conform to the religion of the Quran. People are given a choice. They can choose to believe or disbelieve. They are not to be harassed by yobs pretending they have scholarly "injunctions" from the Prophet.

Annie Besant stated that we are not the judge the religion of Islam by the lowest common practice of its adherents.

A gang of Asians presumably Muslims, attack an American tourist who was drinking in the street in East London. See Gang of five men 'smashed American tourist's eye socket with a bottle of Jagermeister after they saw him drinking in east London street - three days after he arrived in Britain

A homosexual couple targeted by Islamic gang on East London Street. They were threatened and told to get out of the area since it belonged to them. (Source: The Muslim Issue Worldwide)

The Islamic youths from Cardiff, Aseel Muthana and his brother, Nasser, were previously involved in gangs and getting into trouble before joining jihadist group, Isis. They would often be in fights, sometimes caused by race. They would call some of the white kids “pastey boys”.’ (Source: The Muslim Issue Worldwide)

Rejection of the Ten Commandments - The Heart of the Problem

The current leadership within Islam have never accepted responsibility for its violent and intolerant believers who refuse to accept the rule of law within British society. Lame excuses are made. Islam's rejection of the Ten Commandments is at the heart of its troubles.

Believers of Islam must adhere to the Ten commandments. These are ten simple commandments which govern human behaviour within a society. They tell us how we should treat other people in society. Calling people names, threatening people and attacking them is not a good advert for any religion.

Five Commandments in One Surah

These Ten Commandments are written throughout the Holy Quran. Five of these commandments written in Surah 60:12. Here, the Prophet Muhammed instructs believing women:

1. Worship God only. (Exodus 20:1-3)

2. Not to Steal. (Exodus 20:15)

3. Not to commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)

4. Not to murder(ie kill their own children) (Exodus 20:13)

5. Not to slander (ie bear false witness). (Exodus 20:16)

The other commandments can be found throughout the Holy Quran.

Islam needs to face up to the facts. The Ten Commandments are simple laws for humanity which govern our attitude towards other people. We must reject intolerance in all its forms and not be afraid to speak out about it.

There is no place in true Islam for the behaviour of these Islamic gangs.

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