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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Practical Qabalah Book and Useful Books

Being Gnostic we tend to study everything without all the hang ups of the Christians. The Prophet Muhammed ascended into the Seven Heavens and saw heavenly sights. Some of these are captured in the Kabbalah. Be sure to always buy a hard copy of these books where available.

The book, PRACTICAL QABALAH MAGICK by a By David Rankine & Sorita D’Este is practical guide to working with the Tree of Life in the Western Esoteric Tradition.

A useful book to get to know a bit more about the Kabbalah and its associations. The book incorporates Jewish mysticism. Whilst the practical application of magic is not encouraged, the book is useful to learn about the Qabbalah.

It can be downloaded:

Complete Nostradamus Prophecies

This is the complete collection of his prophecies, useful for research purposes.

Download link:

The Gnostic Bible

An esoteric book of Islam is in this book which is very interesting.

Download link;


613 Laws

List of all 613 laws in the Torah.

Download link:

Dietary Laws of Israel

Laws of kosher in the Torah.

Download link:

The Code for Family Purity

Jewish laws on family purity and mikveh. Islam has similar purity rules.

Download link:

See also article: Did Jesus Oppose the Purity laws?


Islamic Book on Prayer (Salat)

Download link:

Before the last Hour The Appearance of the Dajjal The Descent of the Prophet Esa

Download link:

Your Day in Ramadan

Download link:

The Life of the Prophet Muhammed

Download link:

Muhammed - His Life Based on Early Sources

Early sources on the life of the Prophet Muhammed

Download link:

The Hidden Hand of Iblis

Islamic version of the New World Order detailing the Secret Societies including Jesuits.

Download link:

Tafsir Ibn Kathir Volumes 1 - 10

Commentary on the Quran and Hadith.

Download link;

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