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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rupert Murdoch in the News

Rupert Murdoch and his media empire is in the news over the telephone hacking. His media empire extends to Fox News, The Sun, News of the World, The Times and Sky.

The revelations came to light by former whistler blower, Sean Hoare who is now dead.

Rupert Murdoch is connected to the Rothschild family. He is invested in Genie Energy along with Nathan Rothschild (or Jacob Rothschild family). He is on the board of this company, which explores oil in the Golan Heights, Syrian territory captured by Israel in the six day war in June 1967. Israel has occupied this territory since then recognising it under Israeli law in 1981. The Jews grabbed the land once it became available to them since it is rich in oil reserves. You will be surprised at the number of UK companies which are in Jewish hands. They built up the UK. Even George Osborne admitted this to the British Board of Deputies.

These same Zionist freaks who put me under surveillance for practicing the doctrines of Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God are evil. Having written to many Jewish organisations/people about the government harassment I was facing, they simply ignored me. This was the thanks I received after supporting Israel and the Jews for over 20 years. This led to study the Holy Quran to a greater detail. Praise God it opened my eyes!

George Osborne, remarked at a British Board of Deputies:

Out of that ancestral event have emerged hundreds of household company names. In retail, giants like Marks and Spencer, Tesco and Shell all have Jewish roots. Across banking, Jewish innovators were the driving force behind merchant banking and stock broking. Towering figures in the history of the City such as Siegmund Warburg and Marcus Samuel. And even more important are the thousands of small businesses run by members of your community and which are the true lifeblood of the British economy.

The UK government are targeting Christians in the UK at the same time we applaud Jewish interests in the country. The hidden menace of the technocratic dictatorship is being used to enslave humanity. The Rothschild and Rockefellar family are sponsoring and funding research and projects in to these things. For more information on the targeting capabilities of the government read the book: Project Soul Catcher by Robert Duncan and view his videos on youtube along with Dr John Hall.

Dr John Hall and Robert Duncan - Mind Security and Cybernetic


The Rothschild family explore energy in the region through Genie Energy having Rupert Murdoch on the board of the company.

From the article: Rupert Murdoch and Lord Rothschild: The Oil Barons of Occupied Syria:

Millions of Americans get their news from FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, or through some other news outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch. FOX News and Murdoch-owned news outlets generally support U.S. military action against Syria, but they do not inform their viewers and readers that Mr. Murdoch has a vested interest in war with Syria. Rupert Murdoch is part-owner of an Israeli-American company that has been granted the rights to explore for oil on the Golan Heights – Israeli-occupied Syrian land. It is highly unethical for FOX News not to disclose this information to its viewers.

Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy. Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild are major shareholders of Genie Energy – which also has interests in shale gas in the United States and shale oil in Israel. Dick Cheney is also on the company’s advisory board.

The article is written by Christopher Bollyn who exposes what he calls the Zionist Criminal Network. He had a house break in, was charged and since left the United States for Europe. From his website:

Christopher Bollyn is an American journalist who has investigated the events of 9-11. He helped Professor Steven E. Jones in the spring and summer of 2006, when Jones found solid evidence of Thermite in the dust of the Twin Towers. The discovery and discussion of Thermite in the demolition of the World Trade Center led to serious trouble for both Jones and Bollyn.

In August 2006, Bollyn was attacked at his home in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, by a heavily-armed three-man team of undercover police that had been prowling around his house for several days in a row. The result of the police assault on Bollyn was that he was falsely charged with assault and resisting arrest; both misdemeanor charges. He pled innocent and went through a four-day trial in which the police openly lied and presented false evidence. Bollyn’s evidence, on the other hand, was not allowed to be presented and his expert witness was not allowed to testify. After the seriously flawed trial, Bollyn was found guilty of both charges and faced sentencing from the same judge who had overseen the trial.

Rather than submitting themselves to injustice the Bollyn family left their home near Chicago and moved to Europe in June 2007. He then wrote a set of books based on his 9-11 research entitledSolving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World.

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