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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Standing up for "Targeted Individuals"

Standing up for "targeted individuals" makes you lose friends, blog followers, reputation and can put you in danger from the authorities who like to target those who offer support.

Targeted individuals are people who are placed on government lists where their dna or brain prints are tracked via radio waves or laser beams connected to satellites and computers to harass people to cause injury, pain or death.

No Christian church or group of any financial means (Zionist or otherwise) stands up for or helps "targeted individuals". A little Gnostic blog seems to be the only one of religious means to stand up for them.

It is a tragedy in the world our religious authorities walk away from people that need their help. They support the rulers of our world which our bibles warn are practitioners of the "dark arts" deceiving the majority. They would do well to heed warning in the Third Enochian call, "you have become the skirts of justice and truth".

Targeted individuals get treated worst in our society than criminals. Most criminals go to prison do their time and are later freed to live a normal life. Targeted individuals are kept inside a prison they cannot escape. They brain hack then link the brain to a computer enabling commands to be sent to the brain. People end up doing things by these silent commands. Voice of God technology is sent to people, these are voices which are sent via radio waves to the brain. They can mimic voices of people known to the target individual. The voices can be audio outside of the head or silent voices inside the head. Often the targeting involves chatter boxes which are computer generated voices put on people 24/7 driving people crazy.

We need to keep exposing this technology to the world and help people who are targeted individuals. Many of us put ourselves at great personal risk exposing the tyrants who use this technology on people. Some of us are under this targeting as well and know full well the evil of the technology.

It is a lonely road exposing the technology and appears almost fruitless at times. People don't seem to want to believe it. Few even really care about learning about it. Groups that help targeted individual eventually get closed down. Those involved in legal challenges often die under strange circumstances. Blogs disappear with the targeted individual also likewise disappearing into obscurity.

But, we can only endure in the insanity they create, that we know is the world. The criminals in our world got their hands on black magic using it against the people of the world. This secret technology has come from the demon, Beelzebub according to the Order of Beelzebub. We have powerful enemies of God in high places. Zionism is a lost cause. Don't expect them to close down the Order of Beelzebub.

We have to go it alone, abandoning all other religious groups. They do not help. They collude with the enemies of humanity. It is a lonely walk for us but one that is on the Right path of God. We have to stand up for truth and justice. That is our sole duty in the world.


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