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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Targeted Individual: Another UK Victim Speaks Out

There is no real help out there for "targeted individuals". There are no real organisations in the UK that people can contact or connect with when facing targeting issues.

This is because most people do not know enough about the technology so most targeted individuals end up either dead, in psychiatric hospital or having to deal with the issues themselves not knowing what is happening.

Another reason is that the establishment in psychiatry collude with the government, industry and corporations to keep the targeted individual technology away from the general public. Locking most people up in mental institutions where they will suffer in silence.

Rochelle Finlayson speaks out about her recent targeting. She is a resident of the UK, and reported the following on Targeted Individuals Europe:

I have been a victim of electronic harassment, voice-to-skull, radiation directed energy weapons, deliberate noise harassment i.e. Sirens, motorcycles and vehicles using the full power of their engines to annoy, distract, and cause alarm in my day-to-day life.

I receive no support from family or friends, all of whom I feel are a part of this hidden crime. On more than one occasion they have used voice-to-skull, whilst inside my home. I think they do this to control me, to make me feel as though I have no control over my life and so they will try to modify my behaviour to suit there agenda.

If it is possible I would like the opportunity to join this network to support other TIs going through the same ordeal and gain some support, whilst I try to survive this terrorism.

They do this to me everyday without fail and my neighbours have taken part in this torture.

I have no-one to turn to for support as they believe it is my imagination.

I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time.

From time to time this blog highlights the plight of UK Targeted Individuals. We need to pray for this individual and hope that God will send healing her way.

Targeted Individuals exist in the UK but seldom have a voice. The UK establishment have long since ignored their plight and shows disregard to human rights.

Two years I rang up GCHQ and told them they were interfering with my computer. The man insisted I had mental health issues. I told him I knew about "satellite surveillance" and told him to read Dr John Hall's book: Satellite Terrorism in America. It didn't get me anywhere, if anything the problems in my life got worst.

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