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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Targeted Individuals in Taiwan

Some American citizens fled the USA due to their constant harassment and covert surveillance, often escaping with their lives to end up in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, a group of activists are seeking to document their experiences and encourage others to do so for the purpose of research should the case arise to bring charges against the perpetrators.

From the website,

We ARE just a group working together to prove whats going on to protestors and activists both in the usa and us citizens abroad. Maybe you have already heard on the net of targeted individuals and electronic torture or harassment, this page is to address the issue, protest the issue and advertise where its happening, how its happening, and also to post photos, videos, and audios along with radio frequency waves of radiation directed towards T I (targeted individuals) homes. We also work with medical professionals to prove exposure to radiation, along with maintaining healthy high ph diets to avoid getting cancer.

I will post as much information as possible on this site so other TIs can unite and FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES!

For more information or to join in events or protests please email

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