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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Targeting Continues

Targeting continues with internet stopping completely and they blocked google but was still able to surf other pages.

They have also been harassing a UK targeted individual, a woman, who has since removed her blog or at least it is showing up as blog removed on my computer.

She was the victim of gang stalking. Her blog was and it was one of the first to appear in search engines.

Plenty of microwaves, death threats, and voices abound over the last few days. Immense throbbing pain to the head, sending me to bed early.

The Satanic freaks have nothing better to do than to harass people all day long. The criminals won't even allow me to upload pictures onto this blog anymore.

So here is a picture of what they did.

The people behind my targeting do not like this weblog and have tried many occasions to get me to take it down. They do not want any "targeted individual" websites. This is why so many eventually disappear. The other reason is they do not like my views on Islam. It is revealing too much truth about the "origins" of Islam, which the secret societies want to keep away from the general public. They promote hatred and dysfunction between races and religions. Divide and conquer. They want to keep people in fundamentalism whether Christian or Islam.

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