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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Rubbish People Talk - Mi6 Cannot Track Radicals

The rubbish people talk. Richard Barrett, a former head of counter-terrorism at MI6 says it is impossible for the intelligence service to keep track of 300 radical muslims coming back from Syria and Iraq.

GCHQ in Cheltenham employs 3,000 staff.

Do the maths. They are saying 3,000 staff are unable to keep track of 300 people.

Obviously the government wants these young muslims in Syria. Why?

First the Zionists are financing ISIS through Saudi Arabia. Isis is part of the CIA operations in the area. The American Zionist government have a plan to carve the area of Iraq into three separate districts. Eventually having the whole area under the control of the CIA and use sectarian violence when needed as a means of control.

These Islamic youths are fighting for CIA operated groups.

The government also seeks to demonise Islam and all its followers by creating jihadist groups which end up fighting for the Zionist cartel. Muslims do not do any real research. Their ignorance is Zion's gain. Islam never researches who is behind these terrorist networks. They prefer to leave their own members in ignorance sending their sons to fight pointless wars of the West.

Only the simple would believe the UK is helpless to stop these Islamic terrorists. Their technology is so advanced that tracking people by dna linked to microwave towers is done. Satellite tracking via dna and brain mapping is done to targeted individuals (source: Project Soul Catcher by Robert Duncan). Technology tracks people automatically. 300 is nothing for these people.

Wake up sheeple.


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