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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Technological Age, Ruled by Dark Forces

Delving into my library of Jewish books, one makes an interesting discovery.

The Jews claim the "messianic" age is a technological one.

An age where technology rules man so that little labour is required, an age of space travel and travelling to distant planets.

The idealised society is lived out in Hollywood, where technology becomes mankind's saviour, with people living in a highly civilised existence with many fantastic gadgets. These same films depict a working class whom refuse to submit to this highly civilised society living in abject poverty and filth. Technology is the Jewish Messiah.

In the book, The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology, 1, The Real Messiah, on page 318, we read:

"As we now know, all this can be possible with a technology not too far removed from that of today. Indeed when Rabban Gamliel spoke of these predicted miracles, he stated that they would not involve any change in the laws of nature, but are allusions to a highly advanced technology. Thus, so little labour will be needed to process agricultural produts, that clothing and loaves of bread will seem to grow on trees. Similarly, as we learn the secrets of life processes, it will become possible to make trees fruit continually. When we think of the miracles of the Messianic Age as being technological rather than manifest, then we have no trouble understanding traditions that predict such things as space flight and interstellar colonization in the Messianic Age.

The book, The Jewish Utopia writes:

There will be many changes in nature itself in order to bring about the happiness and joy to all the members of the Utopia of the righteous. The land and the trees will yield, with less effort on the part of man, more frequently larger quantities and better fruit, agricultural produce, and many other necessities of life.303 Wine and milk will be in abundance for all.... Agriculture will be a science in which all will be instructed.

There will always be steady employment, since production and distribution will be scientifically and universally regulated to meet the needs of a population which never indulges in war or greedy economic strivings.

Under such conditions a sturdy race of strong, healthy, tall, youthful, and handsome people will be raised.325 The Holy One thus said: " In this era, some people are healthy and handsome, and others are not. But in the ideal era to come, all people will be handsome and praiseworthy."

The occult believe in a coming technological age. The New Age teaches a technological revolution based on the ruling planet Uranus. Of Uranus, says, "Originality, inventions, computers, cutting-edge technologies and future events are all ruled by this planet. Uranus sees no need for the status quo, preferring instead to break with tradition and create a new mold. While the building blocks (science, electricity) are safe here, this planet would rather focus its gaze on a new world order. To that end, rebellion, revolution, dictators, an autonomous state and free will all fall under the aegis of this planet."

Luciferians who go under the name of the Brotherhood of Saturn come from Germany and mingle with groups such as the O.T.O and Golden Dawn.

From the occult book, written by an occultist: Fire and Ice, The Brotherhood of Saturn by Stephen E Flowers:

In an aeonic perspective, as understood within the FS, it is becoming more possible in the rising "Emerald Dawn" of the Saturnian-Uranian age to reform humanity in the light of this dawn. Ultimately, the goal is to bring this process to fruition, and to realize the exalted state of solitary freedom....What might be of widespread interest is the magico-astrological insight into the fact that the Aquarian Age will be one ultimately ruled by the dark Saturno-Uranian archon or demiurge.... The influence of the coming Aquarian Age is being guided by the Demiurge Saturnus, which is in turn being transformed through Uranian influence. It will be up to the emerging Saturno-Uranian spirit and its elect to bring a new order out of this chaos. In the Saturnian view, there does seem, to be sure, a dark side of the Age of Aquarius.

Based on some fairly objectively interpreted astrological teachings, it could be concluded that the Aquarian Age will only appear to be one of rational and humanitarian egalitarianism. The Saturno-Uranian reality looming behind this world of appearances will be one of an enlightened system of control by a ruling elite—the final reign of the Illuminati.

Although in later times the Luciferian aspect of the Fraternitas Saturni might have been toned down— especially in materials meant for public consumption—

As a result of being given this light by Lucifer, which continues to be reborn in every generation of humanity, mankind will be able to take a measure of egocentric power from the solar Logos. In this way Lucifer is the savior of humankind, at least for that part of humanity that has been able to comprehend his Principle.

Among the many unusual features of Saturnian magical usage are its use of Freemasonic ritual formulae, its Luciferian emphasis, its full complement of sacramental rites, the use of electrical technology in a magical framework, and the detailing of sex-magical practices.

Certainly one of the most unique aspects of FS magical technology is (or was) its involvement with electrical instruments to enhance or to effect magical ends.23 This was part of a general field of interest among initiates of the FS, a field which included the study of, and experimentation with, the magical effects of high-frequency sound, electromagnetic fields, so called "Tesla energy," ozonization of the atmosphere, ultraviolet light, etc. In the FS these theories were usually spoken of in connection with teachings concerning "aethric waves," or the chakra system. This brought the discussion into a more "traditional" magical framework. Very little is explicitly outlined about these instruments. The best known of these instruments is the Tepaphone (German: Tepaphon). This is described at some length in Franz Bardon's magical autobiography Frabato,24 in which he recounts how it was used by the dreaded FOGG Lodge to kill its enemies or "human sacrifices" at a distance. Various theories surround how the Tepaphone was supposed to work.

A sort of mutual conversion took place, in which Reuss convinced Crowley of the power of the O.T.O. sex-magical technology and Crowley converted Reuss to the Aeonic Law of Thelema.

Furthermore, Saturn will maintain the secrets and traditional sciences in the New Age as the Guardian of Humanity—until, in the later millennia of the New Age—Uranus starts his rulership.

We are fully aware that it is a grave undertaking to revive the old Saturn Lodge of the Middle Ages, which disappeared centuries ago. We also know that—on this steep path, and through hard ordeals—we will have to face Saturnus the Guardian of the Threshold....we are able to say already today that at present we are the only magical lodge in Germany today working in any practical way (except some Jewish Secret Lodges concerning which we have no details).

Some of the older characteristics of Saturn were taken over by Uranus. Again, a review of standard texts will show certain Uranian characteristics: humanitarian, friendly, kind, independent, original, inventive, strongwilled, versatile, loathing restriction. Negative characteristics might be: eccentric, perverse, rebellious.

Additionally, the FS, as a Thelemic order, is concerned with activating the Law of Thelema on this planet....Lucifer is identified with the "higher octave" of Saturn (in astrology this is also equated with the planet Uranus, the planet of rebellion).

... the spiritual changes coming about in the world which are mirrored in astrophysical processes (i.e., here the procession of the equinox into the zodiacal sign of Aquarius ruled by Saturn/Uranus) are tantamount to the advent of an Age of Lucifer....the Age of Osiris gives way to the Age of Horus. ... In us the Law of the New Aeon is crystallizing: Do what Thou wilt! That is the whole of the Law! There is no Law beyond do what Thou wilt!"

There appears to be secret Jewish magical lodges. These are separate from the German Brotherhood of Saturn whom use Crowley's Thelema laws as a guide for ushering in the new age of chaos. Mankind will be under the planet "Uranus", the planet of rebellion ruled by Lucifer. The occultists deceive mankind into presenting a new age of love, peace and harmony. This is far from reality. People today are attempting to enslave mankind through technology. What many may consider the "utopia" may well be the age of godless rebellion away from the God of Israel.

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