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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Trying to Pin it on Rev Pinkney

Rev Pinkney is once again in the dock with the government to pin charges on him because of his opposition to Whirlpool's influence in Benton Harbour. His website is

Rev Pinkney is adamant that he is a victim of covert harassment and is a targeted individual. His story was briefly mentioned in the Freedom from Covert Harassment newsletter. They wrote:

Rev. Pinkney's Defense Fund

I'm writing asking if you would inform the TI Community of Rev. Pinkney's plight. He was falsely arrested. He had a $30,000.00 bail. He is asking for our help. Pete Santilli will be in Benton Harbor, May 24 supporting Rev. Pinkney and the TI community. It would be greatly appreciated if our community could help any way they can. Thanking you in advance for any help Rev. Pinkney receives.

Yours truly,

Gloria Welburn

Let's hope and pray that justice prevails and for the safety of Rev Pinkney.

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