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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Whistleblower loses job at Lidl

The Daily Mail reports Matthew O’Donnell was bullied out of his job working at Lidl after speaking out and complaining to management about selling food lying in freezers switched off for more than two hours.

The word, LIDL, is an Enochian word for "calling" or "gathering". This language is used by magical societies whom use Enochian language. Enochian magic was given to John Dee who had the number 007.

Lidl known for its rubbish food from abroad is owned by a 23 billion dollar owner who is believed to be Jewish, called Dieter Schwarz. Try and find a kosher or halal item in this store is like a camel going through an eye of a needle. Classic case of irony.

In these economic challenging times many people have felt the need to shop in Lidl and profits have soared. After a visit to the store don't waste your time. Walmart is cheaper.

Whistle-blowers don't fair too good in the UK. They are usually hounded out of their jobs. I doubt the billionaire boss even cares about the negative publicity. And look how he treats his customers? Queuing for over 20 minutes for one item. Your best bet is to avoid this place. At least Walmart, has less waiting time and a kosher or halal sausage is usually available.

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