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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Woman commits Suicide in Woods

A police sergeant, Louise Gibson, found her husband, PC Gibson was having an affair with a community PC, according to a Daily Mail article)

Some four days she disappeared after a meeting, to be hanging in the woods.

Women do not usually commit suicide by hanging. We know "hanging" is a sign of Freemasonry where the noose is placed around the necks of rituals in one of the degrees (1-3).

She died by going into the woods, another strange thing to do. And found four days after she went missing.

Her husband is set to inherit a house 300,000 or more. A murder in the woods can easily be made to look like suicide, but do not expect the police to investigate these strange occurrences. Dr Kelly is a prime example, lured to the woods to have his wrists slashed, but we know he was probably murdered by MI6. MI6 have a hit squad to terminate people, usually this is reserved for dictators abroad but they also murder UK citizens. We know this because they beat an old woman to death who was campaigning against nuclear energy in the 1980s. Yes an old woman was battered to death by Her Majesty's government.

Mind control programmes which use silent commands beamed via radio waves use "hanging". They notoriously send people images of hanging in dreams and in their minds. They also tell people through silent speech to "hang" themselves. Voices beamed to people from the sky also tell them to kill themselves by hanging. If they are able to induce an hypnotic effect in people, people would end up hanging themselves. They can send "depression" to people via a certain carrier frequency. These programmes are operated within the government, many suspect GCHQ, or the NSA. For more information on targeted individuals and the technology they use look up Robert Duncan and see his book: Project Soul Catcher.

Hanging is a favourite of the MYSTERY OCCULT religion. It is played out in their Masonic rituals. Those who transgress the rule of Freemasonry will experience the rope of hanging. Hanging in the occult refers to Judas, the hanged man, who was crucified in placed of Christ. Early tarot cards had a money bag on the hanged man card, a clear reference to Judas, Iscariot. High level occultists would know Jesus was not crucified. This is the mystery of the hanged man card--Judas hung on the cross not Jesus.

Is it possible her husband murdered the wife to inherit the house and live with his new girlfriend? It is possible. But equally possible she was a victim of being a "targeted individual" by bosses at the police force.

She disappeared four days after going to her parents house to be found one mile away in the woods. Some have raised criticism with the police that they were not able to find her in time.

On the day of her disappearance she felt people were turning against her. This might have been the "radio" wave frequencies beaming such thoughts. It is not uncommon that in my "targeting" such thoughts were central. They tried to make me believe my parents and others were trying to poison me.

Thames Police knew about the affair which had been going on for four months. This is ample time for them to place her on a watchlist within the intelligence service whom have access to "neurotechnology". As one man put it to a friend of mine who worked for GCHQ. "You just wouldn't believe what goes on in there!"

Strange tales of Hanging

Her story is similar to the Anne-Marie Ellement was found dead at Bulford Barracks near Salisbury, Wiltshire, on October 9 last year, shortly after returning from sick leave. She hanged herself in the army barracks after she reported a rape. She was obviously murdered via the technology. She had the classic signs. She began to become paranoid, no one in authority helping her, and everyone turning against her. (See The Daily Mail article)

The two stories are very similar and both ended up with the two women found hanged.

PC David Rathband killed himself by hanging after he was blinded by Raoul Moat. He stated to his brother only before he died that he would never take his own life, that he wouldn't give Raoul Moat the satisfaction. He had started up a charity. How a blind man was capable of hanging himself remains a mystery not even the police are able to solve. According the the Guardian he had befriended a 7/7 victim. (One Labour MP highlighted one Islamist whom carried out the attack was on the payroll of MI5). The Guardian wrote: "He had moved out of the marital home the previous August after his wife found out he was having an affair with 7/7 London bombing survivor Lisa French, which began on Twitter." See article: Maybe David Rathband knew about some secret information about 7/7 which may have contradicted the official story.

May they rest in peace. Allah, the God of Israel will not be mocked. He is all knower and hearer and the best of schemers. He is the greatest conspirator. No conspiracy will last forever. May Jesus return and break the cross, destroy the idols and punish the mischief makers on the world.

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