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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Zionism and Islamic Terrorism on the Globe

In order for the Jewish redemption or the advent of the Messianic age, Islamic terrorism has to engulf the world according to the Oral Torah and Jewish sources. Of course this could also be created and brought onto the world to fulfil Biblical prophecy. A former member of the Worldwide Church of God attempted to blow up the Islamic mosque in Jerusalem to make way for the Jewish Temple. He was also attempting to usher in biblical prophecies.


Muslims are responsible for most of the hate-driven violence in the world and they all justify murder i n the name of their religion - in their quest for control of more territory. Indeed, Islam's borders are bloody and so are the innards.

Or in the language of prophecy:

Complicity and Deceit

Muslims will wage violent wars throughout the world at that time [i.e., in the pre-Messianic era].9

9. Zohar II,32a

The Bible and Oral Torah state that in the era when Jews are returning to Israel in great numbers:

The Muslims will try to prevent the Jews from living in Israel.1

Three times will the Muslims war against the Jews of Israel.2

Muslims will wage violent wars throughout the world at that time [i.e., in the pre-Messianic era].3

Muslims will initiate three wars of terror in different parts of the world in the pre-Messianic era.4

The entire world will he overcome with terror and panic [because of saber-rattling in Iran and in Arab countries].5

Observe the great and pervasive terror in Samaria (commonly termed "West Bank") and the oppression suffered there [as a result of violence].6

1. Zofor II, 32a / 2. Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer 29. / 3. Zofcar II, 32a / 4. Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 506 / 5. P'sikta Rabati 36:3 / 6. Amos 3:9

The author wants to bring the Christian World into the conflict. He writes:

... If Muslim violence remains unchecked and just keeps spiralling upwards in intensity and in frequency, can you imagine what savagery we will yet suffer (Heaven forbid)? What acts of ruthless cruelty and raw evil must yet befall the West in order to trigger a resolute and forceful response, once and for all?! Whatever the answer, logic dictates that, at some point, Christendom will feel compelled to put a stop to these Muslim bloodbaths that continue to target the good people of this earth and that intensify with each passing day. The only question is: What will it take? It is only a matter of time now. Unfortunately, this unnecessarily prolonged process is best described as "education through murders".

Largely passive and non-assertive at this point, Christendom will yet commit themselves to fight back against the Muslim atrocities. I feel comfortable in writing these words - do you know why? Because there is just such a prophecy:

At that point, aroused by massive Muslim killings, the Christian world will assemble to respond mightily and forcefully to these atrocities.2

Indeed, there will come a day of such devastation that those who survive will be able to delude themselves no longer about their 'moderate Muslim friends'.

As an interesting side note, 11 September corresponds to 23 Elul. Elul, is the real month of Ramadan, a fast reject by modern Judaism. Discussing the events of 9/11 the author writes:

What are the circumstances behind the terror that is described in the Bible? Well, Oral Torah provides the details. Referring to the just-cited verse from Isaiah, Oral Torah informs us:

[Because of threats emanating from Iran and Arab countries,] all the nations will be overcome with terror and panic and pain and the Jews will be similarly overcome and will scream-out, "How can we escape this nightmare?"4

Ref :Isaiah 21:3-4/ 4. P'sikta Rabati 36:3

The Muslims will gather to destroy the Christians who will entertain no hope of surviving... Fortunate is the person who shall not live at that time [and who will be spared horrific fears and dread]. People of the world will walk around in a dazed state.5

Muslims will initiate three wars of terror...and one in a large city that will be the most severe.6

For the next twelve months, the leaders will take counsel together.7

Muslims will launch violent wars throughout the world and the Christian people will rise up together and travel great distances in order to attack the Muslims.8

A powerful leader will raise himself over all the other rulers (i.e., he will rise to the occasion). He will open up wars on two fronts and he will overpower the enemy.9

5. Zohar II, 8b / 6. Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer 29 / 7. Zohar II, 8b / 8. Ibid., II, 32a / 9. Ibid., Ill, 212a

The main points in these selections are:

*The Muslims will create such extreme panic that no people will feel safe - not those at sea, not even those in the deserts. This will not be a war of the conventional type, but an enormous war of terror is prophesied - one that engulfs the entire world.

*People worldwide will be overcome with fear to the extent that they will be preoccupied with basic safety and security concerns.

*Surprisingly, the world will suffer the terror in silence, but, eventually, a most powerful ruler will create a coalition that will overpower the enemy.

*After a year of consultations, this powerful ruler will be able to form a coalition of nations and he will , together with his coalition, travel great distances in order to attack the enemy.

... It looks like Christendom will now begin to fight back and stop the evil Muslim terrorists " in their tracks". As Oral Torah envisages, these defensive battles produce a very decisive and stunning victory - as we shall soon see.

And Oral Torah captures the pervasiveness of the terror. People will not be safe - nowhere: not in Israel and not in the world.

Three times will the Muslims wage terrifying wars against the Jews of Israel in the End of Days.1 (1. Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 506; Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer 29.)

Muslims will wage violent wars throughout the world at that time [i.e., in the pre-Messianic era].2 (2. Zohar II, 32a)

As a result of these tragic and horrific events, the world will be overcome by a feeling of helplessness, terror, and extreme vulnerability.

... Israel, too, will be paralyzed with fear:

All the nations will be overcome with terror and panic and pain and the Jews will be similarly overcome and will scream out: 'How can we escape this nightmare'?4 (4. P'sikta Rabati 36:3)

The panicked and dazed Jews shout while in pain, "There is no escaping for us".4 (4. P'sikta Rabati 36:3. A similar idea is expressed in Yalkut Shim'oni, Isaiah 499.)

The prophecy is that the Jews of Israel will despair of ever being extricated from their life-threatening situation, one that appears to be personally terrifying and interminable. The enemy attempts to slaughter our people on a daily basis. The attacks are frequent. We are trapped. We are overcome with despair because no people wish to support our cause, no people respect our lives. Not only are there no nations willing to help us, but it also appears that many non-Muslim countries are in collusion with the Arab nations, all bent on destroying Israel.

The Muslims will arouse the nations of the world to join them in coming up against Jerusalem.5 (5. Zohar 1,119a)

So the author goes on writing the Western world will conspire with the Muslims to attack Israel bringing in the usual prophecies. He wants to bring the Christian nations into the war against the Muslims. Christian nations are fighting Israeli wars by his own admission.

Islamic terrorism will sweep the globe prior to the advent of the Messianic age where it will be put down by the Messiah. We know that some of this Islamic terrorism is sponsored by the Zionists through America to gain control of key gas and oil routes in the Middle East. Also to implement their debt based banking systems.

Zionism has to fulfil this age of Islamic terror before the redemption. They have successfully brought in Christian nations into the fight against Islamic terrorism. They may well be helping fulfil these end time prophecies.

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