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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Zionists Outdo Themselves Bombing Syria

Israel has attacked key military installations in Syria in response to the death of a young muslim living in Israel who was working at the Israeli Syrian border. Even though the attack may be carried out by Islamic radicals (armed and funded by America), Israel still holds the Syrian government responsible.

Israel is helping Isis, the terrorist group, by disarming the Syrian government who are besieged by these radicals. The Syrian war is to prevent a gas pipeline from Iran.

From the article: The Geopolitics of Gas and the Syrian Crisis: Syrian “Opposition” Armed to Thwart Construction of Iran-Iraq-Syria Gas Pipeline

It is not difficult to notice that the rebellion in Syria began to grow two years ago, almost at the same time as the signing of a memorandum in Bushehr on June 25, 2011 regarding the construction of a new Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline… It is to stretch 1500 km from Asaluyeh on the largest gas field in the world, North Dome/South Pars (shared between Qatar and Iran) to Damascus. The length of pipeline on the territory of Iran will be 225 km, in Iraq 500 km, and in Syria 500-700 km. Later it may be extended along the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea to Greece. The possibility of supplying liquefied gas to Europe via Syria’s Mediterranean ports is also under consideration. Investments in this project equal 10 billion dollars. (1)

This pipeline, dubbed the «Islamic pipeline», was supposed to start operation in the period from 2014 to 2016. Its projected capacity is 110 million cubic meters of gas per day (40 billion cubic meters a year). Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have already declared their need for Iranian gas (25-30 million cubic meters per day for Iraq, 20-25 million cubic meters for Syria, and 5-7 million cubic meters until 2020 for Lebanon). Some of the gas will be supplied via the Arab gas transportation system to Jordan. Experts believe that this project could be an alternative to the Nabucco gas pipeline being promoted by the European Union (with a planned capacity of 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year), which doesn’t have sufficient reserves. It was planned to run the Nabucco pipeline from Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan through the territory of Turkey. At first Iran was also considered as a resource base, but later it was excluded from the project. After the signing of the memorandum on the Islamic Pipeline, the head of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Javad Oji, stated that South Pars, with recoverable reserves of 16 trillion cubic meters of gas, is a «reliable source of gas, which is a prerequisite for the building of a pipeline which Nabucco does not have».It is easy to observe that about 20 billion cubic meters per year will remain from this pipeline for Europe, which would be able to compete with Nabucco’s 30 billion, but not the 63 billion from the South Stream.

Israel is doing everything possible to ensure this pipeline does not happen even if it means aligning itself with Islamic radicals who are destabilising the area. Forget believing Zionism is a friend of the WEST or Bible believing Christians. It's all about the money for the House of Rothschild. Money rules the world. And so does gas and oil.

Zionism is behind Islamic terrorist groups

The Jews know before hand that Islamic terror will engulf the earth. The book: PROPHECIES FOR THE ERA OF MUSLIM TERROR: A TORAH PERSPECTIVE ON WORLD EVENTS by Rabbi Menachem Kohen makes such astounding predictions. Zionism obviously helping to fund these prophecies in action. Israel helping these Islamic terrorists by bombing key Syrian militarily installations is yet another proof of how these Zionists fund and promote Islamic terrorism in the world. The Jews in the days of the Prophet Muhammed aligned themselves with the Pagans to destroy Muhammed. The Jews were ruling the Middle East in the time of the Messenger, Muhammed (whom was a Jew himself).


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