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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Adventist Woman Jailed for Feeding Baby Vege Food

A Seventh day Adventist, Sarah Anne Markham, from Florida was jailed by the police for keeping her new born baby on a vegetarian diet. They broke into her home, snatched her baby taking it to the local hospital. Then putting her under arrest.

The article: Mother Jailed Because She Wanted Baby On Vegan Diet states:

“She didn’t want her child ingesting anything with animal by products,” Corporal Kristine Pamatian of the Casselberry, Florida, police said of Markham. “She wanted a second opinion with a holistic doctor.”

Markham was afraid that doctors at Florida Hospital South would feed her baby something she opposes. Markham is reportedly a Seventh Day Adventist who believes consuming animal-based foods is prohibited by the Bible.

When Markham didn’t take the baby to the hospital, somebody reported her to a Florida state hotline for child abuse cases. The hotline alerted Casselberry police who went to Markham’s apartment and questioned her.

When Markham wouldn’t cooperate with police or open the door, officers had a locksmith open the door. They then entered the apartment, arrested Markham and took the 13-day-old child to the hospital. Markham was charged with child neglect, and she was later released from jail on bail.

In another case, a couple was threatened by a doctor at a Catholic medical centre called St Vincent's Heath care to have their baby vaccinated against their will. The doctor threatened to have the baby taken away if they did not comply even though state laws allowed the parents to refuse. (See article: Doctor Threatens: Vaccinate Newborn Or Lose Custody)

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