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Sunday, 20 July 2014

BBC outdo themselves with EDL's Tommy Robinson Film

The BBC has outdone themselves polishing the false version of Islam made up of the "sunni" majority who teach a form of religious extremism which would make white people blush.

Islam in its current form is not a religion of peace but an intolerable religion which finds it difficult to co-exist with other religions. Over 300 Muslim men from the UK have joined with ISIS and commit acts of terrorism against the Syrian people and Iraqi people.

We speak the truth here. Just look at the beheading videos, the shootings of ISIS fighters, and the torture meted out in Syria and Iraq. This is being carried out predominately by Sunni Islam.

Cut the bull. The religion is intolerable. It turns people against Islam rather than encouraging people to want to study the Holy Quran. Therefore, we speak out against the "Islam" being promoted. One convert told me that you should hear the anti-Semitism being preached in the mosque.

We support the Holy Quran, the Prophet Muhammed but not the religion which came out of it which is a corruption. Like Constantine Christianity, the Muslims couldn't wait to abandon and burn the Torah alongside their Catholic counterparts.

Tommy Robinson has left the English Defence League and is more moderate these days. Maybe he had too many death threats or the opportunity of working for the government on social cohesion is too much of a carrot.

The BBC programme has Tommy believing that Islam needs to be reformed. This brought an angry response from the listeners with one Islamic man who received death threats for attempting to instigate change. Islam is in terrible need of reform. It needs to go back to its historical Jewish and Christian origins. Those who think this is insane. Tell me where do you think the Prophet Muhammed received his information and to whom? Angel Gabriel, the angel of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (not Ishmael). And over 23 Prophets come from the Old and New Testament that are mentioned in the Holy Quran. At least one third of the Holy Quran mentions tales from the Old and New Testament with some Gnostic gospels also mentioned. Seriously, what is your answer to this?

Speechless aren't you?

Quitting the English Defence League: When Tommy Met Mo

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