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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett Sectioned Under Mental Health Act

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, a devout Catholic was the woman who confronted one of the black Muslim killers who stabbed the soldier Lee Rigby known as the Woolwich attack. In an ironic twist, a black woman can be seen pulling a shopping trolley who walked past one of the of Islamic killers wielding a knife shouting to the camera on the day of the murder of Lee Rigby -- whilst his body is supposed to lie on the road. (See: Liberal Conspiracy).

The attack rightly caused outraged from the general public. But it has also been the source of much conspiracy websites has they seek to analyse photos and video footage for discrepancies.

A Catholic woman, Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, who came from France took the unusual step to confront a man wielding a knife when most sensible people would have kept a safe distance. Unusually, she wasn't stabbed.

She had been a victim of "abuse" by young yobs in her street who pelt stones and eggs at her home. The police when called then threatened to attest her.

She had also started up a campaign "distributing leaflets calling on them to voice opposition to a £36,000 play park scheme in Bulwark Road".

She went into a Tesco store and insulted a black person. The police then arrested her rather than put her on bail for racial aggravated offences, decided to detain her under the "Mental Health Act". Racism is not actually a mental health issue otherwise all supporters of the British National Party would be equally detained.

It is obvious to me at least, she has become a "targeted individual". Either the Woolwich was a set up affair by the establishment which she played a willing part and now attempts are being made to silence her.

Or she was selected or targeted after the "Woolwich" murder and has been under surveillance for some time using microwave and energy weapons used by the security forces. Her behaviour is typical of "satellite surveillance" and "harassment" faced by hundreds of people every day under "mind control" programmes. They encourage "race" hate by silent commands to the brain, use remote control influencing behaviour to discredit people. Sometimes even encourage people to talk about conspiracies on the street to further discredit people.

Whatever happened at Woolwich, false flag, or genuine atrocity, the event has been used to further the goal of racial hatred in the world. Young muslims are being conditioned to perpetrate acts of violence. Islamic leaders are silent on the acoustic weapons being beamed to Islamic youth. Islam will grow stronger and stronger until a time when a clash of civilisations will happen. This is what is being planed by world powers who seek to take people away from the beauty of the Holy Quran.

The Daily Mail reports: "Her grandfather, Basil Kennett, won the Distinguished Flying Cross in the Second World War." As if the establishment want to hide it in plain sight. Basil Kennett, wrote, Romae Antiquae Notitia; Or, The Antiquities of Rome in 1793 writing about the "art of war"; "civil government" and "decay of the commonwealth".

We do not know what will eventually happen to Ingrid. But it seems the powers of the establishment want her receiving Mental Health Services piping drugs into her. Targeted Individuals know this full well, since we ourselves often end up on the receiving end of the mental health. Patterns emerge yet again.

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