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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Jewish Love Affair with Roman Catholics

In investigating the companies behind the news we often see Roman Catholics or people who went to Roman Catholic Universities on the boards of Jewish owned companies or investment banks. This is a theme that keeps repeating itself. At times the board members are Jesuits. The Jews in power seem to have a strange love affair with the Roman Catholic church--hidden from the eyes of most Protestants.

The story of a man who was refused a bank loan from Natwest made the pages of the Daily Mail. One of the Directors of Natwest is Philip Hampton who went to The College of the Blessed Mary and All Saints. The college originally set up to promote the Papacy back in 1427. This Catholic stooge has been working for a Jewish company, called Lazard founded by a French man buried in a Jewish cemetery. Lazard appears to be connected with the Rockefellars.

So yet again we see Catholics and Jews working for each other and sitting on the boards of each other's companies. A far cry from the religious persecution complex we are fed in the media by the Jews.

Don't believe everything the media tells you. Today Rome works with the Jews in a powerful way unknown historically to ancient Catholicism and Judaism.

Zionism is a persecuting power in this world not a power being persecuted. The Catholic church is working with rich and powerful Jewish families. Their is no fictional war between them which is often the subject of Hollywood fantasy. The power elite work together forming the Zionist conspiracy in the world.

We seriously need to re-consider the prophecies of persecution which the Armstrong churches preach to the world. They simply just don't add up. Their ministries are not persecuted, closed down or the message suppressed. Jews and Catholics are working in companies together. Hardly a sign of much persecution. Benjamin Netanyahu meets the Catholic Pope, a Jesuit, whose best friend is a Jewish Rabbi. Maybe we have been hook lined and sinkered by Armstrong.

Worldwide Church of God: Transformed by a Russian Jew

Some will point to the fact the Worldwide Church of God was destroyed in 1994/1995 by Joseph Tkach who changed the teachings of the church. Tkach, is not only a Russian surname, but a Jewish Ashkenazi one. (Tkach a Jewish trading name "tailoring" from article: Origins of Jewish Last Names in Turov). Tkach listed as Jewish name in Poland (see

Darryl Henson from the Congregation of the Church of God wrote in The Minor Prophets and the End-time Church, Part 7 The Book of Obadiah:

I looked up the word "Tkach." He always thought he was a Ukrainian. He has an Ashkenazi name. He apparently was a Russian Jew. Now as a sidebar, there are several top officers in WCG with Assyrian names. Assyrians and Edomites allied together to destroy the temple of God. Joe Tkach often mentioned his name meant "weaver." He thought he was weaving righteousness in the church. Let's go back to Isaiah 59:1-8,11,15,16,19b,20:

The first doctrine to be radically changed in the church was British Israelism. The Jews maintain a database of religious groups who preach similar doctrines on the ADL website. This one teaching is enough to be put on a watch list.

The Worldwide Church of God was transformed by radicals whose goal was to destroy the British Israelism teaching of the church. To cover their tracks they transformed the entire body of church doctrine. He came from Chicago, staunch Jesuit country where they control the city. It wasn't Christian Zionism they were attacking! It was British Israelism.

Ernest Martin wrote in the article: The Life and Times of the Antichrist, explaining Zionism will be the final Antichrist system in a counterfeit of God's Millennium on the earth.

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