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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Liberal MP gets his fingers burned with Israeli lobby

Liberal Democrat MP, David Ward has got himself into hot water with his tweets on the crisis facing Palestine and in Israel.

David Ward claimed he would join "hamas" and lob missiles at the Israelis if he was living in the besieged city in Palestine. Of course has you can imagine to have such an outburst caused a stir with the Israeli lobby. Demands to have him removed are called but at the time of writing he continues.

The British Board of Deputies have demanded his removal for these comments.

Was he right or wrong in his comments?

He was saying if he was living in "gaza" being faced with a continual barrage of missiles, this would upset him so much he would want to lob a few back.

This would make it self defence according to the Torah (eye for eye) which ironically still applies and was written into the Holy Quran known as the "Law of Equality". Look it up. Do we really think after 6,000 years of human blood shed, that God is somehow going to miraculously intervene to save people in this current conflict? This is probably why so many rely on the "tooth for tooth or eye for eye".

But of course none of this really helps the situation. It just escalates the cycle of violence in the world. Jesus' moral teachings of "turning the other cheek" was to prevent a further escalation of problems. If only the Jews would accept Jesus' teachings on this they would probably be treating people radically different. Likewise if the Palestinians also accepted the teachings of Jesus (whom they also adore) they probably wouldn't be lobbing so many rockets at innocent civilians. Both sides pay lip service to a higher moral ideal in the world.

So was David Ward right? Probably not. Lobbing missiles at innocent civilians does not win hearts and minds and neither does it show the "high" moral ideal Jesus expects of people. But is the war in Gaza over "gas" in the area?

Gaza is an Engineered Flashpoint for WW3

israel loots Gaza's natural reserves

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