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Monday, 14 July 2014

Mike Corley; Uk Targeted Individual

Mike Corley is a targeted individual in the UK by MI5. It is not apparently clear why he was initially targeted by a simple reading of his website. But he was plagued by a group of "homosexuals" from MI5 who use "rape" by microwaves on parts of his body that are covered up. Not uncommon amongst targeted individuals.

The system is basically computer generated voices who take the form of males and females. They have no sexual orientation. All of the things they do is to victimise and discredit the victim.

He reports one instance on his website:

currently 13:45 05/04/2009

MI5 have been abusing me on the mind control since the last report was written on 30/03/2009 but I am prevented from complaining by the Ethiopian NHS psychiatrist who made it clear I would be imprisoned in mental hospital for six months or a year and tortured there constantly unless I stopped complaining on the internet and to Parliament.

...MI5 are fantasising about my bottom all the time. It is very annoying and hurtful because they are clearly homosexuals and it is hurtful to have a gang of deviant English homosexuals fantasising about your bottom constantly.

A list of over 6 or 7 victims in the U.K are listed on this blog:

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