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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Rabbi Gershom Trailed by Police Wherever he goes since 9/11

Rabbi Gershom, a Breslov orthodox Rabbi looks more like a "muslim" in the eyes of many of the police in the United States who trail him wherever he goes.

Writes Rabbi Gershom:

What I know for sure is that ever since 9/11, if I travel outside my local area where I am a familiar sight, I find myself being followed by security people in stores, stared at by strangers on the street, or trailed through small towns by police cars. I have also been pulled over by cops for things like a burned out tail light a whole lot more often than ever happened before 9/11. I haven't had any occasion to fly lately, but I have no doubt that I'd be seen as suspicious. Would I be kicked off the flight -- or worse -- because some passenger "felt uncomfortable" with me on board?
Maybe it is the "hoody" he keeps wearing?

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