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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Rev Flowers, Anti-Israel Boycott, and Zionism

Rev Flowers was in charge of the Co-operative Bank, is owned by the Methodist Church.

The Methodist church has for years been calling for disinvestment in the Zionist land of Israel, particularly the occupation.

We know Rev Flowers was removed from the Co-operative Bank and the Methodist church because of a drug problem which came to light. The Jews in Tel Aviv (where it happens) can manufacture a drug problem since they work on Neuroscience and "brain computer interface" technology through the Rothschild Foundation and Rockefellar University, and the C.I.A. has mind hacking technology which can cause these types of problems on people. (See the research of Robert Duncan and his book Project Soul Catcher).

He may well have been encouraged to go into drugs through a secret mind manipulating programme. Such people end up being called, "targeted individuals". Google the term to find out about the technology.

Rev Flowers was supporting the boycott against Israel.

From the article Co-op stands firm on Israel settlements boycott (2013):

The Co-operative movement has confirmed there are no plans to alter its policy of boycotting companies which source produce from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Israel supporters have appealed to the organisation to revisit the issue following the resignation of Co-op chairman Len Wardle, who quit the business after revelations about the conduct of its former banking chair, Reverend Paul Flowers.

The Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council this week requested a meeting with the Co-op’s new leaders to discuss the issue.

Rev Flowers, who was believed to be a key supporter of the boycott campaign, is being investigated by police over claims he bought, sold and used Class A drugs, including crystal meth and crack cocaine.

Rev Flowers removal from the board paved the way for the Methodist church and Co-operative Bank to enter into negotiation's with the Zionists to reverse the ban.

Surprisingly enough the boycott against Israel will now not go ahead for the time being.

From the article: Methodists will hold off on boycott (2014):

The Methodist Church will defer any move to boycott Israel for at least the next two years.

Church members agreed not to put forward motions on Israel and the Palestinians until after their 2016 conference.

Delegates voted to back the church council's recommendations following a 90-minute debate at their annual conference in Birmingham on Monday.

Seven resolutions were carried, agreeing to the two-year "reflection" period. Discussions will also take place with the Council for Christians and Jews.

Some delegates argued that two years was too long. One minister said Methodists were being "gagged". But a vote on replacing the church council's recommendations with measures more critical of Israel failed.

Whilst we do not recognise Zionism. Israel has a right to exist. The Jews are from the House of Judah and only form a tiny part of true Israel. The overwhelming majority are the white Protestant nations who are the Lost Ten Tribes. For more information look up Herbert W. Armstrong and British Israelism.

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