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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Russian Tycoon, Owns Waterstones Book Stores Evicts Rain TV

Russian tycoon,, Alexander Mamut, owns the Waterstone book shops in the UK.

We accuse Russia of lacking freedom and democracy whilst one of its patron's owns the biggest stores peddling books of all sorts in the United Kingdom, often censoring controversial books from its bookshelves. But then even Putin lived with a Jewish family that observed Channukah. So those who believe Putin is anti-Jewish are sadly mistaken.

From the article: Russia's PM to Jewish Delegation: I Was First to Restore Jewish Property!

Mr. Putin said he was familiar with both the menorah and the Chanukah holiday, because as a child his family shared their communal apartment with a Jewish family. He fondly recalled the pleasant demeanor of the various family members, as well as their attempts to preserve their traditions despite Communist reprisals for practicing religion. The Prime Minister recalled that he often saw the father of the house poring over large Talmudic tomes.

Mamut is a Russian Jew who now resides in London, friends with Abramovitch.

From the Jewish Chronicle:

Mamut, who lives in West London, is very much an unknown quantity in the bookselling industry. He is described in profiles as being of Jewish heritage so perhaps we should not be too surprised by his interest. Jews have long been known as 'the people of the book' and certainly in the US all the polls show that Jews are among the most prolific book buyers.

Try find a book on "conspiracy" or a Christian book not related to "Catholicism" on its bookshelf. In their Christian section at least 4-5 books of the tiny section was devoted to Catholicism.

Alexander Mamut has closed, and has evicted Rain TV as owner of Red October (an independent news channel).


Does Mamut himself personally put them in there? Yes, aside from, whose liberal editor-in-chief Galina Timchenko was just fired, and the building where independent TV station just got an eviction notice, Mamut owns Live Journal, too. (Source: )

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