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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tommy Robinson's Death Threats

Now here is a surprise. Tommy Robinson who was the founder of the English Defence League until his resignation has received over 200 death threats.

Since Tommy Robinson's demise from EDL, a new right wing anti Islam group has emerged called Britain First. They go into the mosques occasionally threatening them with action if they build mosques, and highlight the need of community members to do something about the "illegal" activities that are known to go on in their own communities. Some of their videos can be watched at

Islam has we know is not the original religion of the Prophet Muhammed. He was a "believer" in Israel's God but used the "Arabic" and called him Allah. This same God made a covenant with the children of Israel and every prophet he sent has been to the "children of Israel" with one exception which is Jonah. The term "muslim" was first used about 60 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammed since the earlier form of "believer" was used. Muhammed whom described himself as more worthy than the Jews in the "hadith" adopted the minor fast day of 10th of Muhurram, a Jewish fast. This Jewish fast day is the starting point of the Islamic calendar. Muhammed also attended "mosque" during the Sabbath (Source: Shia tradition) and adopted many laws which are common with the Torah of the Jews.

The religion is in need of "reform". Tommy Robinson's belief of attacking the religion through various street campaigns does not win the hearts and minds of the "muslims" nor the British elite of the country. The Prophet Muhammed stated that the "ink of the scholar is mightier than the blood of the martyr". This means exposing the true Islam is mightier than fist fights on the street.

The shocking aspect of the Tommy Robinson's affair was that the police ignored his 200 death threats. But are often quick to lock people up for snide remarks on "twitter" or "insensitive" or "provocative" remarks. Since when is the occasional insensitive remark even an offence according to the law. Alas the "masons" in power have been busy like bees in a hive, rewriting our laws to attack very freedoms many people enjoy. It is all about thought control these days. Tyranny is here and as many people know they use "electronic" weaponry against people by putting into people's minds all sorts of "thoughts" often contrary to the very spirit of the laws they are creating. Contradictory is not the word for the world we live in, it just isn't strong enough.

Tommy Robinson probably had enough of the threats, the lack of police support, and the establishment who are involved in their own conspiracies against the people of the nation. The Bible and Holy Quran talk about worldwide global conspiracies. Studying the "Jewish" literature it is clear they envision a worldwide "Islamic" terror network in every nation terrorising the existence of all nations. Islam will rule the world is the belief of one Orthodox Rabbi. The Zohar is also used by Judaism to prophesy of a worldwide Islamic caliphate destroying civilisation. God help us all if these astounding prophecies end up reality because we would end up no doubt with a very intolerant version.

Tommy Robinson Death Threats

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