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Monday, 28 July 2014

Women under Sharia Law

The religion promulgating as "Islam" mistreats women on a daily basis. Islam is not the religion of the Prophet Muhammed but a figment of Arabs who used it as a political weapon to conquer the Middle East (which was under Jewish control at the time of the Prophet Muhammed). At least 10 if not more Jewish Arab tribes existed and ran the Middle East. The Prophet Muhammed was born into one of these Jewish Arab tribes.

Women under Sharia suffer immense cruelty. One cannot begin to think of the pain, the suffering endured by the men who create fiendish weapons of torture and brutality. The Prophet Muhammed would not recognise his religion today.

A poem in this video highlights their plight.

She's buried chest high - Sharia Law

Fox News reports Islamic radicals behead a Catholic priest who helped the Assad regime in Syria. Persecution of Christians are also happening in Egypt.

Attacks Continue In Egypt On Coptic Christians And Their Churches & Beheading Catholic Priest

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